It’s my birthday today and I’m so Happy and Thankful to God for bringing me into this world at a time like this….…
Secondly, I’m thankful and grateful to My Lovely Family | Beloved Friends | Mentors | Students | Clients | Colleagues | Partners | Staffs and Subscribers who read my newsletters.
I’m also thankful for all my Birthday December  buddies who were born in this same month of December.
Happy Birthday! May this brand new year of your life be filled with wonder and success!
It’s Still My Birthday…..Yes!!!
I have been awake since exactly 1am this morning to reflect about the real meaning of “LIFE ON EARTH”
Yes  !  “It is true everyone have a story to tell… But success story is intoxicating. You said it aloud even when you are not asked to “
That same success story gives you voice no matter your background”
The Journey to Success in My Life.
I Am +1 Today
The exact day I started my own journey of life, the day i embraces “Life of Simplicity and Humility , the day I accepted the practice acts of ” Charity & Giving “ the day I see myself as a shining star to my family, household, community , the land am born to & the society in a large.
Growing up as a child, I accepted God Almighty as the No1 man of my life.. Allowing him to take final decision in all the plans of my life …
Growing up as an adult I made a decision “Never to write a Job Application to any human being or Company until i go grave, no matter any amount of salary you think you can pay me.
Rather I decided to be a Boss of my own, instead of being a slave to the hand of Government or some unsatisfied individual.
“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” ~ Steve Job
In my journey as an Entrepreneur I have meet true friends , people who appreciate good, true brothers & sisters from another womb and those who use evil to pay back for good, those with a lovely heart & those with a wicked heart.
“The Honest TRUTH Is That The Road Was Never Easy For This Young Man At Starting: But Ignoring All Discouragement: and Believe To Myself & God. Smart, Hardworking & Persistence Kept Me Moving:
Hey beloved, a have a lot to tell you about me, which I know this page can’t contain:
But in all I thank God for all he have done in my life….
“Whatever that does not come from God I don’t want it, for whatever I have today is enough for me, any other thing that comes up becomes addition “
[Let’s Together Say This Prayer] this simple prayer have been the secret of my SUCCESS, i say it at least 2times everyday.
My Ever Cherish Beloved,
Say this prayer with me as you move to the “Journey of your Success”
“Gracious God, you have created me for a unique and special purpose.
By your holy design, I have a sacred reason for being here on earth, a personal mission to accomplish, a divine plan to carry out in the years I am given to live here on earth.
Help me Oh God to appreciate the talent and abilities you have granted me, and lead me to use them completely my life-task.
Make me a shining star to my family, household & the society in a large:
Give me oh Lord & I will never size my hand from helping others in need.
Give me courage to realize my dreams, the energy to fulfill my goals, and the desire to be your
Instrument of inspiration & love for others on my journey to success.
Fill me with the grace & strength to bend my will to yours in all I say and do. Forgive me all the sins of my life and wipe always its punishment, condensation and curse merited or unmerited…….
Let my greatest success in life be to make the world a better place, because I have been here and to leave behind a legacy of love.
AMEN! Thank’s To You My Sweet Jesus ”
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Wishing You the Top Most Success Of Life.

Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
[aka the passive income coach ]

Bye for Now.

December 20, 2016

It’s Rejoice Chikamnele’s Birthday and I’m so Happy and Thankful to God for bringing me into this world at a time like this….…

It’s my birthday today and I’m so Happy and Thankful to God for bringing me into this world at a time like this….… Secondly, I’m thankful […]