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In our last two newsletters to you on this Traffic By Command System .  we told you about how your ability to generate traffic could help you to validate the niche market you are already on or  plan to focus on, and why free traffic is not worth all the trouble you make to get it.

If you have not read any of the past two series, I ask that you go back to read them before you proceed with this one, as that will help you to have a full grasp of the the entire concept of this Traffic By Command System ..

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Today, I promised to show you how you can start small like I did back in the days when I was a struggling life, and scaled up from there.
In this concluding newsletter, I’m going to show you how you can spend just $5 per day and generate as much as 2000 daily website visitors to your website and how you can convert this to a decent income of over N5 million in the course of one full year.
The main thing that will be responsible for you to make any good amount of money depends on your ability to build a targeted and highly responsive email list of subscribers.
For you to build an email list, you will need traffic.
However, to be able to make good money from a small traffic of 250 daily website visitors, you need to learn how to properly target your adverts so that all the people visiting your website are potential subscribers, clients and customers.
In other words, you need targeted traffic.
That way, you’ll be able to convert some good portion of the traffic to subscribers.
In the past two newsletters that we sent your way,  we was able to show you how we managed to build a huge email list of over 85,000+ active subscribers because I know how to drive traffic to my websites.
Now, do not allow the huge number of email contacts I have to deceive you or make you feel that before you can earn good money online that you need an email list of 10,000 subscribers or more.
That is simply not true…
If we are to judge by the number of subscribers I own, I should be earning at least N5 million naira or more per month, but I don’t earn up to that. I only earn about 20 – 25% of that amount on the average every month.
Because making money online is not dependent on how big your list size is.
Someone who has an email list of 1,000 subscribers, can make more money than someone with an email list of 10,000 subscribers.
How possible can that be?
Now, imagine the person who owns the small list of 1,000 people build his email list well, and the one with the 10,000 list did averagely okay but their conversion rates are like this.
List owner of 1,000 leads = 25%
List owner of 10,000 leads = 2%
Now let’s say that these two marketers are selling the same product or service for a company, and this product or service sells for N5000.
Using our conversion rates above, The list owner of 1,000 people will get the following sales:
1000 x 25% x N5000 = N1,250,000
The 10,000 list owner will get:
10,000 x 2% x N5000 = N1,000,000
From the above analysis, you see that the person with a list of 10,000 people made N1million even though his list is 10 times bigger than the other 1,000 list owner who made N1.25million.
Why am I giving you this analysis?
So that you know that what matters is your ability to build a high quality relationship with your readers. We are talking about quality readers or subscribers, not quantity of subscribers.
I would always prefer any day 1,000 high quality subscribers, than 100,000 tire kickers or freebie seekers as subscribers.
When you build your list that way, conversions for your products and services will be very high.
And you’ll also not focus on building a large email list like I did, because the truth is many people may never be able to build a list as big as I have done.
In this email, I’m going to show you how to build a small email list and still make maximum amount of money from it. In other words, you’ll be able to earn more than people with bigger email list.
Why then was I able to build over 85,000 subscribers?
It’s because that is one evidence to show you that I’m not only a good marketer, but also someone who is good at driving traffic.
When you start building your own email list, focus on going very deep in your list building efforts.
What do I mean by going deep?
It means you need to build your email list in such a way that it attracts the exact type of people you need in your business, products & services  and ignoring others who may have low or no interest in your business. To accomplish that, you need to know how to build very targeted audience to visit and subscribe to your newsletters.
One area you can accomplish that is from your landing pages or squeeze pages. Instead of using the normal squeeze pages everyone uses, you need to learn how to “sell” your “opt-in”.
Selling your opt-in means you need to write extensively on the problem of your targeted audience, giving a detailed solution right there on your landing page and encouraging them to subscribe to your newsletters if they want more information from you.
In other words, your website visitors will see a genuine reason to subscribe to your newsletters, not because they want to download a free ebook.
The way I market, unlike how everyone else markets, I ensure that I give the website visitor a reason to subscribe to get more information from me, and that is why I don’t give away free reports like everyone else does. I give free information and package them as free email courses.
So every person who subscribes is doing so because he wants to get all my newsletters, instead of doing so to just get a free ebook by entering someone else’s’ email address.
That way, you’ll only get quality subscribers, not tire kickers and time wasters who are looking for freebie all over the web. This method is like a filtering process to get your target audience alone.
And when you build your traffic this way, you’ll deliberately attract high quality people who will pay premium prices for your products and services.
And if you build your product and service sales funnel well, you’ll be able to make good money starting the very first month you drive traffic to your website.
Let’s assume that you’re starting with a daily budget of $5 on Facebook (That’s the minimum allowed daily budget on
If your traffic is good, you could be paying $0.02 per click and that means you’ll get $5/0.02 = 250 daily website visitors.
• Stage 1: 250 people per day visit your landing page or squeeze page.
• Stage 2: You convert 16% to subscribers = 40 people join your email list which has been strategically created with email follow ups that have your products or service  to be sold.
• Stage 3: If you run this advert for 30 days, you’ll have built an email list of 1,200 subscribers while spending $150 (around = N20,000 -TO-  N40,000 now) that month.
• Stage 4: Assuming you convert 5% to buy your front end product which you sell for N4000. That means you’ll have 60 buyers which translate to N240,000 (60 x N4000).
• Stage 5: Let’s assume that you have other backend products at N10,000 and you convert 40% of the original 60 buyers to repeat purchases, you’ll have extra 24 sales which is another N240,000 for that month.
Total sales made from a list of 1,200 people = N480,000.
Traffic expense = N20,000
Total Profit = N480,000
If you continue to run your advert like this for 12 months, you could make this money every month, and that means in a year, you’ll generate a whopping N5,760,000 in total profits.
In reality, you could actually make more than this because you could increase your advert budget or create more products which could give your further income leverage.
So at the end of a 12 month period, you’ll have built an email list of 15,000 subscribers by simply adding 1200 of high quality subscribers to your list every month while spending only N20 -40,000 ,000 per month in advert costs.
Though there are still other costs you need to take care of such as email autoresponder fees, your once in a year hosting account renewal service for your website and your monthly internet connection. But then, these are very little and insignificant expenses compared to the amount you’ll make every month.
So you can see that your own ability to master traffic generation is the most important skill to learn to be truly successful online.
Because when you become a hardcore traffic magnet, building lists in the
tens of thousands becomes easy and making money will no longer be a problem
for you. In fact, you’ll simply say goodbye to your money problems forever.
This and many more traffic strategy is what I’m set to teach you in my  : “Traffic By Command System Training Course.
This course is ready right now . And there are going to be bonuses alongside it for early birds.
Now here are some questions I got while the training series of this traffic By Command System was going out. I will do my best to answer as many as possible.
Questions From Readers Answered!
Question 1: In what format is this product packaged?
Answer: The format is in PDF and Videos. The product contains 6 modules, the first module is a complete detailed PDF guide of less than 100 pages on the concept of traffic generation and 12 sets of videos in the remaining 5 modules. You can watch these videos in the comfort of your home.
Question 2: How much is this course going to cost?
Answer:  The price is N10,000. However, in the first 2 weeks of launch, it will be available for N7,000 only, and in the first week, only people who buy during the first week will get all attached bonuses. This is the early birds advantage.
Question 3: How am I sure this is not a scam?
Answer:  Well, I really don’t know how to answer this question. However, I have been online for over 6 years and my senior respected colleague in this industry By name [ Jeo Okoro ] have been online for over 13 years selling Information Products | Digital & Mobile Marketing Products & Services , and not for one day have we had any problem with any customer concerning product deliveries.
In this series of traffic by command system, we have given away lots of free information that otherwise should be paid for, for a reason. To convince and demonstrate to you that we know our stuff and actually delivers. I did this upfront without requesting for anything in return.
If all the emails of income and sales generated over time is not enough to convince you that this is not a scam, then I have no business with you. You can leave this page and move on.
With all the above questions cleared, I think our course on Traffic By Command System Generation is a labor of love because the truth is we don’t need this course to continue making N5million+ every month.
Another thing is; if you’re a freebie seeker wondering why we can’t give away this course for free, sorry, this product is simply not for you nor is it for everyone who is not willing to invest in education to change his life. we did our own part and it has changed our lives, now it’s your turn.
And if you’re serious about changing your life, you should take the same route I took. Invest in yourself; buy educative materials from proven people to move from one level to the next level.
Mark your calendar  By exactly 12:00 pm – 1:00pm Tomorrow , you’ll see an email from me or any of my partners. When you see that, rush==>   HERE == > I Said Rush==> HERE == > to get the product at once, so you’ll qualify for the early birds bonuses.
Catch on the launch day Tomorrow .
Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J  | Joe Okoro & Chidiebere Nwankwo
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