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How to Succeed Quickly & Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’m encouraging you to join get rich quick schemes. No! I won’t do such a thing. I’ll never advise my Student, Client, Friend, Fans, Subscribers & even my Blog readers to do something I know will NOT help them.

So, Why Am I advising you to Go out there and Succeed Quickly   ?”

The answer is simple; there is nothing wrong with succeeding quickly. I know many people that have succeeded quickly and legally so it won’t be a bad idea if you could do it as well.

, I’m going to reveal to you how to eliminate all the guess work on your way to success. I’m going to reveal to you how to achieve ALL you want to achieve faster than you ever thought possible… It is not a wise idea to live your life spending years to achieve something you could have achieved quickly.

Let’s assume you’ll like to publish your own book and become a bestselling author but for some reasons, you’ve not been able to achieve your dream. You’ve probably spent years “dreaming” about it and possibly “working towards” it. But somehow, there seems to be a missing piece in the puzzle. By the time you’re done with this article, you would have discovered the SIMPLE secret that wills catapults you to your goal.

Now, let me warn you: Because this technique is very simple (and kind of obvious), there is a chance you won’t take it seriously. Do NOT make that mistake. Make sure you take it to heat and act on it right away. That is the way to go.

Here’s the secret…

Whatever You Want To Do, Look For Someone That Has Done It Successfully, Learn How He Did It And Repeat The Process!

That is quite simple isn’t it? Yes it is. No questions! But it is brutally effective.

Let’s assume you’ll like to invest and make money in the Stock Market. What most people would do is that they will look for a stock broker and hand their money over to him to “invest” on their behalf. That is NOT a wise thing to do in my opinion.

Personally, I’m not interested about the stock market but if, or should I say, whenever I will decide to be a stock market millionaire, I’ll look for someone that makes millions in the stock market, learn from him what he does right and then do it for myself.

“For Example”

When I decided to become a Giant Information & Mobile Marketer, I spent my money & time: took all the rick , while believing to myself & learnt the trade from my Mentor & Internet Business god father : Dr. Sunny Ojaegbase, the CEO of Success Digest Extra !. He taught me the little I know about publishing today. He gave me priceless tips that have helped me greatly. That is the way to succeed.

What if there is no one around you to help you? Good question. I understand the fact that it is not every time you’ll find a mentor that will be as gracious as my mentor. Here’s what you’ll do in that kind of situation: Find an Indirect Mentor! What do I mean by this? There is hardly any area of life that you won’t find someone that has succeeded in that area. Better still, there is at least someone who is willing to teach his secrets either through a book, a seminar or what have you.

For example, when I decided to publish my first book, I had to identify those that have succeeded in that area. I identified a few people. One of them is Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, the author of Pathway To Wealth. He was scheduled to speak at a seminar in Lagos on How to Be a Successful Author. I was there. I learnt loads of techniques that have helped me along the way. I added what I learnt to the other techniques I learnt from books written by other bestselling authors.

Another Example. Because am a young man who loves multiple source of passive income, yes i love Legitimate money in Bulk which i believe you too do.

When i was making my way into Online Mini Importation In Nigeria…… What did i do?

Simple learnt from two young men & one powerful lady who known what they are doing already in that Niche.

(  Efe Imiren  ( a ‘lady’  ) , Pat Ogidi &  Olaide Alim,  ) well know to me as the first 3 Mini Importation Commander In Nigeria

Today, in all the Niche of Online Business i does, i have a strong a mentor who holds my hand any time things went wrong.

Be It

Mobile Marketing Biz | Information Marketing Biz | Website Hosting / Website Design Biz | Importation Biz | Blogging & few others.

Finally Here Is My Key Point.

Whatever You Want To Do, Look For Someone That Has Done It Successfully, Learn How He Did It and Repeat The Process…

Read that again and again. It works very well. The only problem is that many people will do the opposite. They “learn” from people that have never done what they want to do. It’s really a shame. I’ve seen people that want to start their own businesses take advice from people that have never done any form of business in their lives.

A friend came to me the other day saying he lost a lot of money in the stock market. I said, “Who advised you to invest in the stock market?” he said, “My stock broker”. Do not be like my friend.

Decide on what you want to. Identify someone that has done it successfully. Learn from him directly or indirectly. Repeat what he has done for yourself. It will definitely work for you expert secrets That is a guarantee!



Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
( aka the passive income coach )

May It Be A Successful Day’s Ahead For Me & You


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