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 What Is A Squeeze or Landing Page ?
 A squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up eMail marketing: In which you need to OFFER A Valuable FREE OFFER for an exchange of peoples E-mail address…. it helps you to Build Your E-mail List using your Autoresponder Account. 

Recently, I was testing out a squeeze page and it was converting at a whopping 87%! Check It Out HERE Then I decided to squeeze out my time and explain to you why it did so well, and how you can implies the same step. Okay, let’s get started. "Just for a Reminder...Please don’t forget what I taught you about “List Building” in your online business, no matter any Niche model of online business you are into or already into: you are missing a lot of money if you don’t digest the advice of building “Email & SMS List of your loyal subscribers. CLICK HERE To Read on It " Step #1: Make An Irresistible OFFER that Your Market Can Not Refused. In other words: Unless someone is starving for information, they’re not going to give you their email address. Did that sound Hot to your ear? What i mean is that, your OFFER must sound Irresistible to your market audience, which will leave them with no option than to put down their details to get your offer. And do you know the most interesting thing if you do this well, They will not only sign up and go away… But the will at the same time start checking their eMail address over and over again to get that your promised OFFER or your Day 0 Message on your Auresponder Account. Hi beloved, don’t fail on this early stage of your promise, because if you do so, you have Fail the first Trust and that’s the end of your E-mail marketing carrier to that person… Why Did I Say So? Now because I said “Your OFFER Must Sound Irresistible to your market audience” some people will go there to write a sales letter which sounds as an “IRRESISTIBLE OFFER” only to deliver Trash to people Emails address.. Please be warn, don’t forget 98% of people out there are smarter than you think you are. Step #2 = Choose A Very Special Topic for Your Squeeze/Landing Page and Stand Out of the Competitors, Crowd & other marketers.  This is HUGE. Unlike what almost every marketers are putting out there as a Squeeze Page’s topic which are simply seen as: “sign up and get a free ebook”. You can do something different from offering a Free eBook... like you can offer “A Special Online Training related to your products and services which displays its benefit. Your autoresponder account will help you do this better. You need to find a topic that your target audience is desperate to know more about. Bottom line: Choose an in-demand topic that your audience has trouble finding reliable information on. Once you’ve decided on your topic, it’s time to get cracking on step #3… Step #3 = Leave Them with No Choice When you’re driving traffic to a squeeze page you don’t want to give options to your visitors. You want to leave them with no choice. Either sign up to your list, or leave – that’s it. Your squeeze page should not link out to any other site, nor should it have any other function. Opt-In or leave. Mine that is HERE is linking or directing people to other sites: Well, I have a reason for that…Which is “Doing Different thing from what others are doing.  Don’t Slap me please, that’s my own marketing life “I like doing different things from what other marketers and competitors does … and that’s in return gives me more result than expected. Step #4 = Bullet Point Grabbing Headline Remember, your web visitor did not come online just because of you alone. He or she , has so many other things to do online like: { Charting / Updating their Facebook Account, Twitter, Other social networks they belong to , + reading post from some blogs they find interest on, reading News online, Watching videos etc…. Their Attention is divided already, So, your headline is perhaps the most important part of your squeeze page. If your headline is boring your visitors will quickly flee your page. You need to make your headline attention grabbing. It’s got to grab your visitors by the back of the head and force them to read the rest of your page. Your headline should outline your “big promise.” You need a big promise to get users to opt-in. You need to make the visitor go “Whoa!” otherwise they will leave your page. A great tip I picked up from the Warrior Forum is to write out 30 headlines then choose the best one. Bullet Points I made my bullet points directly under my headline. I wanted to keep my squeeze page very short, and it proved to help conversion rates. Putting your bullet point’s right under your headline keeps the “Whoa!” factor flowing through the visitor’s brain the whole time they are on the page. Your bullet points should focus on the benefits the user will receive when they use your product. It’s better to outline the benefits they may get, rather than what is actually in the product. Step #5 = Provide A Real Powerful Proofs that SHOWS Your FREE OFFER Works. Yes you need put down a very powerful proof which shows your FREE OFFER works, Please never you think of using “A Photoshop Bank Account statement to show people as a proof of one product or other and ask them to download one FREE PDF eBook as fake Nigerian internet marketers does. Warning, because one day you will be caught and that’s the end for you.  To me my good name & reputation is greater to me than good Billion dollar , gold or silver someone can offer me, for my name is the only thing that stays to be witness for me even when am die tomorrow… That’s me, I don’t know about you? But I want you to think the same line with me, I have no doubt it will serve you better… {Rather Using Real Proof Live Testimonies of people who have benefited from your products and services will serve you the best…. Allow others do the talk for you and tell the world who you are instead of you doing the talk alone… Exactly is what I DID HERE OR You simple record your Bank Account into a Video, for people to watch the live video of your earning for Real… Step #6  = Call To Action.  Right under my bullet points I had a strong call to action. I outlined that the user should enter their information below, I informed them I was giving away some Days of FREE Training, in the5 Hot Niche of Online Paying Business, which I know majority are hungry to Join { and I know very well, I will never fail to deliver as promise because that’s the 5 Niche of my Online Paying Business FOCUS am into already, which I have learnt a lot & right now ready to teach others MY SUCCESS FOR FREE as I mention HERE  And you ought to remind them of the benefits they would receive. Right under that I had the opt-in form where they would put in their details and click “Sign Up TO REGISTER Now!” All of the elements combined brought my conversion rate up to a staggering 87%. I’m sure that if applied correctly anybody can bring up their conversion rates. Just remember these Six elements: {Make An Irresistible OFFER that Your Market Can Not Refused. | Choose A Very Special Topic For Your Squeeze or Landing Page and Stand Out of the Competitors| = Leave Them No Choice | = Bullet Point Grabbing Headline | Provide A Real Powerful Proofs that SHOWS Your FREE OFFER Works| Call TO Action As you Go Home now to Implement & digest all I taught you now… Do let me know about your success story with your squeeze or Landing page!

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