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Dear Beloved,

Welcome back. In the previous lesson I revealed “Powerful Tips on List Building for your Online Business Passive  Income..

So in today’s lesson, you’d discover “the various autoresponder services available for you to use, how to create your free ebook and squeeze or landing page website  to build a list of 1,000 desperate ready-to-buy subscribers in as little as 30-60 days for your online business.

Just a Reminder, . In order to make money online in Nigeria you need to sell a product or service. One of the best ways to sell it is to offer a kind of free information related to your product or service, so you can exchange  it  for their names, emails and sometimes GSM numbers of visitors to your website.

The automated tool used to do this for you is Called “Autoresponder Account  ” like I discussed in detail in Part 5 of our lession. There are several autoresponders available some of them are free and others paid.

The free ones also work well, but many times they include adverts in your emails which could distract the person you’re sending an email to (your aim should be to persuade him or her to buy your info-product or your online business products & services and not to cause confusion ).

Examples of the FREE autoresponders are:



Examples of the PAID autoresponders are:




There are several autoresponder services but these are the best. I recommend that you go for the paid autoresponders because you are safe with them. Your list won’t go missing some day and you can be sure your email message gets the delivered. The ones I use are the getresponse and trafficwave above. Costs about $18 per month which is about N2,970.

To get started all you need to do is to click on any of the links above and click on register. Both getresponse and trafficwave are FREE for the first 30 days but of the two getresponse is better even though a little more expensive. You can get a FREE tutorial from those companies on how to use their service to grab the details of visitors to your website or you can just boycott all that stress by getting The Already Done For You Hot Paying Online Business Setup FROM ME HERE

Now that you know how where and how to use an autoresponder, let’s get deeper into this thing which is:

How to create your ebook as an Info-product for sale or your FREE report

Creating an ebook is very easy using software with the click of a button. Just 3 steps:

(1) First of all get the software used to convert Microsoft word documents into ebooks or pdf format, called “The PDF Converter “The PDF Converter ” There are free ones and paid ones.

(2) Type out on a laptop or write out the information on a sheet of paper which you want to sell or the free report you want to give out via your autoresponder (to build a list)  and check any computer business center around you for typing and saving work for those who don’t have their personal computers.

(3) After typing your document and saving it. Open up that document again, click on File, click on Print and under the option called Properties, select OpenOffice and click on OK and your ebook will be created. Next you click on File and click on Save as. Type the name of the ebook you want to save it as and your ebook is done!

Now that your ebook is ready, your autoresponder is ready the next thing you should do is to create the webpage which would carry your autoresponder form. This special page that contains the form that grabs the names and emails of visitors to your website so you can sell your info-product is called a squeeze or Landing page. Go Here To See Example  In order to build that special page, here are two VERY, VERY important reasons for an autoresponder and squeeze page which will help you go from broke or not-having-enough-money to a 6-figure and 7-figure income business man or woman:

(1) To build a list

(2) To develop a relationship with your list

I have taught you in detail on why and how to build a list, now what would you do with your list? Its not just to market to them so you can sell to them but to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

 Mark my words in bold “ Mutually Beneficial Relationship”.

In as much as, you want to benefit from your list so they can buy your products and services, they too MUST benefit from you. Infact they must benefit from you first, you must give to them first and get them to like and trust you before they would ever buy from you.

Its Common sense, you buy from people you trust isn’t it?

Now the BEST way to develop a relationship with your list, after building that list is via another online business model called ” Blogging.”  Now, not every guru will tell you their secret ingredient for making trailer loads of cash’s online….

You are on this page reading my article from My Blog. What do you think I’m doing? I’m running a blog to develop a relationship with you .In the next series of lessons I’ll show you the basic steps on how to profit from the blogging  business, how to start immediately, tools you need etc (the squeeze OR Landing  page is part of this). When I taught a Pastor friend  this aspect of the online business, he moved from making a few thousands of Naira online to making a 5-figure income monthly – I’m talking about going from N40,000 to N800,000.

I would also show you Nigerian bloggers who are making a killing online. Truly there is money to be made online if only you know HOW, you are ready to APPLY what you know and you STICK to it No matter what.

I will drop my pen here today: And Let’s Call It A Day!

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My dear beloved,

I Really Want & Recommend You To Step Into The “MOBILE MARKETING BUSINESS


My Simple Reasons Is This.

Reason is because (Digital mobile marketing services are taking over all space of fast advertising before the eyes of the society)

People no longer go to: Radio, Tv, Offline paper etc Reason is because of its high cost

& convert not more than 5% attention to their target audience.

But having discovered that 99% of Nigerian is always with their mobile phone, funny!

Even some goes to toilet & bathroom with it.

They have refused to bye pass this media of digital mobile marketing due to its fast attraction to their well targeted audience

And convert more than 80% of their fast attention to their targeted audience;

Then Smart individuals like YOU keep on rolling into this Niche of mobile marketing business & keep smiling to the Bank why making them happy.

Listen again,

Am not trying to bring your attention over any of my online business Niche but just letting

You know what’s happening in the society.

Alright! Imagine a client transferred to our Account yesterday to help her design an

Online Newspaper Ad website.


Everything thing have taken its profit space online.

And nothing pays than giving people an opportunity, products, services, space, media, platform just to advertising / promote or market their business, products and services;

Because that is the only means which they can over pass their competitors in profit polling


As such whether d economy of Nigeria are good or not. They must pay for such

products & Services to still stay in business, get customers and ensure their life survival;

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! The key point of any business (both online & offline)

Not to talk of when they can get such products & services from you at their Affordable discounted prices via your website or even FREE lol

Smart work pays than hard work dear.


! Ok Have you ever thought of the thousands of churches over the country & How many members they got weekly + how many programs, activities, crusade, invitations, inspirations & many more broadcast messages they sent out every particular week?

===> How many schools in the country (especially private schools)?

====> How many organizations in the country?

====> How many Business owners in the country (both online & offline business) waiting to Advertise, Promote, Market & push more Traffic to their Business, Website, Blog etc…?

===> How many Millions of customers your Bank send Payment SMS Alert/ Security Alert / Birthday Messages ETC To All Millions Of Customers etc…. daily all over d country & you are even being charged at the end of every month for the SMS Alert By Ur Bank?

& even the common Birthday Text Message Your Bank Sent to You Is Been Charged.


If you are smart enough or you start it from today, you will notice that At the end of Every month , your Bank Account are been Debited & Charged for the

SMS Alert sent to you on that month, yes even Mine Too.


Remember that they are patronizing and paying millions of naira monthly to somebody who owns these services, it might be you or me, i don’t care. Even the common Birthday messages + Security Alert & Others sent to you & I by our Bank was charged & debited from our Account.

(Now think about if that same bank is using your Mobile Marketing Website or your API to carry out this service. Yes due to the Fastest Delivery Bulk SMS India Gateway API we are going to install for you, this might force them to abandon their own or their former provider to yours after testing your Free Trial Services.

Think of how much they can make you on Daily basis from all Millions of customers your Bank send SMS Alert Daily Via: Bank Hall, ATM Machine, Withdraw, Deposit, etc


Using My  Support, Training & Marketing Tips.

Attracting This Big Paying Clients/Customers will be easy like attracting Sugar to Ant.


===> ! How many occasions are held on a daily basis over YOUR Location alone?

===> How many millions of GSM Users in your State receive congrats text per broadcast?

What of during Election period time. That’s another Wow Millions of naira period of time on your hand, & before then your website have been well recognized by Google search engine + others.

These Politicians must carry out their campaign broadcasting messages + thank the people who voted them to power.

And the only & fastest way they can do that is by using SMS Marketing & that’s where you come in. Period.

Let’s Keep Moving..; On


===> How many messages does marketers sent daily to increase sells, thanks customers & wish them well + Happy Seasonal

Greetings + many more:?



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Aright! Are You Ready To Join The Big Boys & Ladies Who Owns & Rock This Hot Life

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Requested Items Needed From YOU For Your Mobile Marketing Business Setup 

1) Your Believe/Passion to succeed

2) Must have a Gmail address

3) Internet connected Browsing Phone or Laptop

4) Your Bank Accounts details (more preferred if you have more than one bank account, as to allow your clients/customers make a choice of the nearest bank to them to pay into ur account

5) Phone Contact (must always be active & on always, to serve as your customer care line )

6) Your preferred Website name (why choosing such a name u must be careful, for your success or failure start here : You must make it Short, Simple to spell & easy to remember, mention & memorize by clients within seconds)

7) A setup Discounted fee of N32, 500 for those who wish us to also be the one to handle their Mobile Marketing Business Company Website Contents Articles work. (To make it look more co-operate & professional)

OR N25, 000 discounted prices for those who will like to handle their Mobile Marketing Business Company website copy-write contents Articles by themselves

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eye Attention of the website visitors & convert them into a paying customers/ clients = for when the click on the Banners, they will be automatically re-directed on the web sales page of such product or service | Graphic Designs | Your Working Tools & Some powerful marketing tips Template .
Many more things.


Payment Procedure


You Can Make This Payment Into Our Company Co- operate Bank Account to ensure d safety of your money  

Account Details


Bank = GT Bank

Account Name = SA Planner Tech

A/c No = 0199680592

After Making your Payment

Ring me on 08032439765 & send all the Information Details as Mentioned above to me.

And within 3-4working Days (All will be completed & professional done as listed above. Yes!

Must deliver within this 4 working days frame time or ask for your refund if not delivered as promise & you shall get back your money without any fight or war.


 Still at your choice if you are afraid due to what is happening in Nigeria, and you are the types who trust No one, no matter what…… But really want to make a better life for yourself, family & the society in a large.

  You can choose d option of (Service before Payment)

Where, I Will use my company money to Register | Host | Design | Install & Do All Setup work for you and within 3days from the starting day, all work will be done for you,

 While you make your payment immediately we deliver your project (within 2days without fight or war. & get your Administrator login + other details.

This Is Unbelievable But TRUE

Yes! The OFFER Sound Unbelievable …

For Nobody else, teaching internet marketing is making this sort of guarantee so why I am making it?

It’s because I want you to have total confidence. Confidence that I will deliver everything I have promised in my guarantee & i don’t just setup online business for any of my student in any of the online business Niche am Into Today….No! Rather I Will Still Stick With You, to give you all my support until you Hit the Success.

Why Am I Doing All This ?


Because I want you to get IMMEDIATE RESULTS  & In Return I Will Have a Faster Testimony from YOU…. Yes! Nothing ever sweet me than getting thousands of Testimonies from my lovely Students & Clients who uses my products & services….  .

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P.S: Have I opened your eyes to how money is being made online? I hope I have. If I did not, it’s not because I have not revealed something powerful. It simply means…

. You Are Beyond All Hope! Sorry If My Word Offends You: Just That I LOVE You So Much And Never Want To See You Among The Living Beyond Hope:  You Know How Much I Love To See You Smiling: Oya! Smile A Little For Me….. Smile! Smile! Smile! Oh that’s good. I Love That…..

PSS: Everyday! I’m so grateful, and keep thanking God for chance to share an idea, strategies or challenges with “YOU”

===>- I Appreciate the TIME, ATTENTION and TRUST, it could be impossible for me to do this without you.

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Once again I say Than’k for your time.

If you don’t do something and start some-where right now things, we have to come to the conclusion that you are not interested in doing business online or you are indeed…

Fear Success: Go Here:  Once again I say Thank for your time.

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===>P.S.S: NOTE: Please don’t forget to leave your comments, Questions,Testimonies & More when you’re done Reading. The more comments I see the more I would know you read this Irresistible Training tips and appreciate to Revealed More.


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Let’s Rejoice Ahead.

August 21, 2016

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