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Why Most People Will Never Achieve The Success The Desire

I was hanging out the other day with a few friends and neighbors and somewhere along the line our discussion shifted to money and success. I was of the opinion that all human beings have the capacity and capabilities to achieve all we desire in our hearts but the problem most people have is that they do not “PUSH HARD” “PUSH HARD “ & Never think of WORKING SMART  as enough to achieve what they desire.

Others disagreed with me (my neighbors actually, because I don’t make friends with negative thinkers). They opined that some people actually have more capabilities to succeed than the others. I don’t agree with this in any form whatsoever.

{I Don’t Believe God Created Any Inferior Human Being   }

I strongly believe that He created us with maximum potentials to achieve all we can conceive with our minds. I like the way Joel Osteen made an illustration to explain this point. I’ll use my own words though. Imagine you have just bought a new car, maybe a Toyota Corolla.

You get on the third mainland bridge and you’re speeding at 120km/hour. You’re going past all the other cars and you are feeling like Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton combined. Then all of a sudden, another Toyota Corolla with the same model, age, colour and everything you can think of goes past you like you were standing still. The car was going at 160km/hour and it zipped past you in flash.

Now, think about this. You’re driving the same type of car and he moved faster than you. Did the manufacturers of the car produce a faster car for him and a slower car for you? Of course not! The difference between the two of you is that the other guy pressed the accelerator harder than you did.

That is the way it is with human beings. Because one person is moving ahead in life faster than you are does not mean that person is better than you. It simply means you need to step on the accelerator harder so you too can catch up with him and achieve the success you crave.

Apart from not been aggressive for success enough, a lot of people are easily satisfied with what they have achieved. They get to a stage where they look back and begin to say things like

– I’ve done better than most people

– I’ve done better than my friends

– I’ve achieved more than my parents achieved

They forget that if they relax, their momentum will stop and people will begin to pass them by. You must have the attitude that no matter how far you’ve gone, the best is still in front of you.

You need to keep pressing on so you don’t become a man of yesterday. I’m sure you have seen or heard of people that made a lot of money for themselves many years ago but now live in penury.

Most people will blame the Nigerian economy for such a downturn. Some others will blame the witches in their villages. While these factors and others are possible factors, I have found out that resting on ones laurels is a chief reason for stagnation.

Take a look at the lives of successful people, especially entrepreneurs. They are always coming up with new products, new ideas, new businesses and lots more. If those that are already made are stepping on the accelerator really hard, why in the whole world will you take it slowly?

My message to you today is this. “Keep Pushing On | Never Accept Average| Be The Best “



Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
( aka the passive income coach )

May It Be A Successful Day’s Ahead For Me & You


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Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J
Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J
Rejoice Chikamnele – SIR J - is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful online businesses hitting Millions-in-naira sales mark from the scratch……. A young man who embraced the Opportunity of Internet Business at a Tender Age of life… A Successful Advanced Giant Digital & Mobile Marketer| Information Marketing King | Website Designer | Web master consultant giant| An online importer | A Self made young millionaire. To Read More About Him = Visit :===> www.passiveincomejob.com/about-the-admin OR Visit : => www.sirrejoice.com

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