{Part 14 Of: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called “The INTERNET. By Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J )

{Part 15-of-The Day 15 Lesson} On: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called “The INTERNET “By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
August 18, 2016
{ Part 13 } Of: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called “The INTERNET “ By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
August 21, 2016


How are you today…….I really need your attention for we are always there!

Where? At The Gate Of Heaven On Earth.

On Today’s Training We Shall Be looking into “Gun to the Head Facebook Marketing Strategies to Sell off Your online business info-Products & services)

How To Get Targeted Customers/Clients from facebook for cheap.

If you would like to know how to get more customers/clients for your business, then the best and cheapest way to go about that now is by using Facebook advertising. If you’re into any form of online or offline marketing, you’ll understand that getting clients is one aspect that is capable of making the difference between successful and struggling business. Business owners spend millions yearly in a bid to get targeted clients for their businesses… Most of them really throw away money than they should, simply because they do not know how to do it right.

If you have been into any form of advertising for some time, you must have become a little bit disgruntled with the rising cost of Google Adwords. I recently ran a week test of Facebook advertising for one of my page to target a particular hot niche of my Online Business and the result was awesome. I mean, I was able to generate over 2,000 highly targeted clients from Facebook while spending below $14.

I think you can ever get that from nowhere else. That’s almost $0.01 per click? Isn’t that almost free?

What are these tips you asked? The tips or, call it rules if you like were simple. They involve optimizing your ads using FB ads parameters to set up more targeted ads and thereby spending less.


For sure getting people to visit a website is the most difficult task that many people online today experience. In the Internet marketing world, it is called Traffic.

Traffic is the life blood of any business that exists today, whether online or offline. In other words, getting exposure for your business is the only way to showcase your products and services to the people of the world.

The more people see your offer, the greater your chance of making a SALE. A sale only happens when someone sees your offer and makes a purchase of your product.

Your ability to get as many people as possible to see your offer or website is called Traffic Generation. This is the name used in Internet marketing or when marketing online.

In today’s training I will guild & direct you on how to generate targeted traffic using the most powerful targeting among the entire social media network in the world. called [ Facebook Marketing ]

When you pay lesser in Facebbok Advert , you will be able to get more exposure for your adverts for lesser amount of daily budget.

Before I create any advert on Facebook, the first thing I do is, I use a powerful tool on Facebook to investigate the audience I’m about to target.

Facebook today, offers the most powerful targeting among the entire traffic network in the world.

That means, you can lazer target any audience on Facebook by any criteria you choose.

To target any audience, what I do is I use a powerful tool provided by Facebook to investigate my audience.

That tool is called “Audience Insights”

As the name suggests, what this tool does is help you understand vital information about the audience you want to target.

For example, with the Facebook Audience Insights, you will be able to understand the following information about your audience.

How To Lazer Target Your Audience With Audience Insights!

  1. DemographicsThis refers to the percentage of Men and Women, and their age range that maybe interested or targeted to what you have to offer.

  2. Page LikesWhen you target any audience,Facebook Insightshelp you to understand the Groups where these people hang out so that you can also choose to advertise to those groups. In fact, the tool will give you a detailed list of all the Groups for the purpose of targeting.

  3. LocationThis refers to the exact location of the people you’re targeting.  It gives you the name of the town where these people come from.

  4. ActivityThis gives you detailed information on what these people do when they are on Facebook.  Some of these information include:

  • How many of them are using a Desktop computer to access Facebook?

  • How many of them uses Mobile phone to do that, how many uses an Ipad?

  • How many uses an Android or Feature phones.

This information will help you to properly select your medium when setting up your advert, like including/excluding desktop users to see or not to see your adverts.

  1. Household IncomeYou will be able to have an idea of the average income of these people monthly or yearly.Facebook Insights displays these results with percentages. You will be able to know, how many percentage of your audience earns what amount, and this will help you tailor the price of your products to these objectives.

As marketers, our aim is to serve people and make money and this tool will help you to know what percentage of people and their age can afford what you have got to offer.

  1. Purchasing Behavior: This option of Facebook Insights help you to understand the purchase behavior of people hanging out on Facebook. You will be able to understand the consumer behavior of people and the areas where they have been spending money recently.

Now let us take a little “stroll” on how to use Facebook Insights to target one of the  popular niche in Nigeria,

For the Sake of this Training, we will use “The Weight Loss Niche”.

How To Use Facebook Insights To Target An Audience

Here the first thing you need to do is to  Login To Ad Manager on your Facebook Account.
From your Ad Manager, go to “Tools”, select “Audience Insights” & new window will open for the next action.

Next Stage  – Select “Everyone On Facebook”
Here is the Screen grab of the next page. Click the image below for a bigger view


[ Next  Stage ] Here you will be ask to Enter your country & select Age.

– Enter Nigeria, Select Age

By default, the country you will see on the home page is the United States, delete it, and enter Nigeria, then choose the age range of people you want to target.

I usually select from 25 – 60 at times i will make it up to 64yrs: Reason is  because these people belong to the working class and can afford to pay for my products & services.

[ Next Stage ] – Select Interest Targeting
When I got to “Interests”, I clicked on the “+” sign, and I selected two categories of interests “eg” Fitness and Wellness”, and “Food and Drink”, as to reduced my audience & keep targeting the most target audience made for my product or service.

See Image Below

A FACE AD 2The under Age and Gender, the majority of my audience [66%] are men and women in the are range of 25 – 34 years, followed by 35 – 44 years of age which make up 21% and the rest are older than 44 years. Obviously, people in these age range do not surf the internet much.

Click the image below for a bigger view


[ Next Stage ]– Go to “Page Likes

When you click on “Page Likes” at the top left corner just beside “Demographics”, you will be able to see the groups where these people hang out.

And you can now start picking any of the groups that is applicable or resonate with your niche so that your advert will reach everyone in that group on Facebook.

In the screen grab below, I encircled some factors that will help you to decide which groups to target or not to target.

The first factor is the “Audience” Size. For example, In Nigeria Coca-Cola has 328,000 fans on Facebook, and has a “Relevance Score” of 84%, and an “Affinity” of 1.2.

Now here are the meaning of these terms.

  • 1. Audience = Size of Facebook fans of a particular group

  • 2. Relevance = People that are relevant to your selected audience, and most likely to respond to your offers based on the Affinity score.

  • 3. Affinity = How likely a group will “Like” your page and respond to your targeting compared to every other person on Facebook.

Before I select a group to target, here are the winning numbers… That group must have a minimum of the following criteria.

  1. Audience = Can be any size2. Relevance =50% and above3. Affinity = 1.2 and above

And that means from the screen grab below only four groups is worth targeting, and they are “Coca Cola”,“Guinness”, “Ariel” and “Thermocool Nigeria”.

Click the image below for a bigger view


When I added the 4 groups above, my audience number went up from 1.5million to 2.5 million active monthly users from Nigeria.

See Image below.


[ Next Stage ] – Go to “Location”

The “Location” tab is just beside the “Page Likes” tab. If you want to see where the majority of your audience on Facebook is operating from, just use this option and Facebook will reveal where they are operating from.

See Image Below.


As you can see a staggering 87% of your selected audience is from Lagos State Nigeria, and 7% is from Abuja,Federal Capital Territory. So only Lagos and the FCT make up about 94% of your total audience, and the rest 6% come from different states of the country.

At your own time, you can explore other options like the “Activity”, “Household Income”, and “Purchasing Behavior” of your audience.

However, it is important to note that the data on “Household Income”, and “Purchasing Behavior” is not always available to Nigerians because most purchasing activities in Nigeria is not done via credit cards or online, and it’s difficult to get an accurate figure for this information as this is not track-able.

This information however is available for countries in the developed world like the United States of America and elsewhere.

Once you have all these information gathered, you can now “Save” this audience, then when you create your first ad or any campaign on Facebook, you just select it, and run your adverts to be shown to this “Saved Audience”

The information above is the best way to target your audience when you want to run a profitable advert on Facebook, and this should take you some time to set up.

Many people do not know how to effectively target their ads this way, and in fact many people are not even aware of the “Audience Insights” tool on Facebook. It is there for a purpose, to help you create a better advert so that you can have a positive ROI [Return On Investment] on your advertising.


Targeting everyone on Facebook will waste your money, and you will get very little out of your advert expenses. You may even lose money completely.

Inside my  Traffic By Command System   HERE , I show you how to take Audience targeting to a whole new level. I even explained how to create a bigger but targeted audience from this one, and also how you can target an audience or people who have already visited your offer [re-marketing].

Inside this ==>  Traffic  By Command System Course , I have added  Advanced Facebook advertising videos discussing many things you need to do to understand Facebook advertising and cashing in on the huge traffic on it.

Here is a preview of the updated new videos.

 The Contents Even Include

Bing Ads

  • How to set up a Bing Account as a Nigerian

  • Keyword to do effective keyword research [Locating keywords that Nigerians are typing into Google.com.ng]

  • Setting Up your advert

  • How to maximixe your advert clickthroughs

  • Automating your Bing Ads

  • Customizing your ads so that only Nigerians see your ads.

Facebook Ads

  • Module One: Using Facebook Ad Manager For Ads

  • Using The Power Editor For Effective Ads

  • Using Facebook Insights To Understand Your Niche

  • Creating a custom Audience for your market [Target smaller group]

  • How to get images for Facebook ads

  • Module Two: Using Videos To Target Audience!

  • Using FB Insights To Locate Your Perfect Target [Saved Audience]

  • Getting Videos For Your Ads

  • Setting Up A Fan Page For Your Niche

  • Setting Up A Video Advert [Allow to run for 24 – 48 hours]

  • How To Choose a Video Thumbnail less than 20% text for FB Approval.

  • How To Create a Custom Audience For Video Ads

  • Setting Up Video Ads For List Building [Including Picture Sourcing]

  • Setting Up Conversion Pixel For List Building

  • How To Increase your video list building efforts by 300%.

  • And so on…

These and many more are treated in the ==>  Traffic By Command System course.

To enjoy the full video training, simply order the course and start getting traffic to your website and blog.

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Nice! Nice!! Nice!!!

Listen up my beloved ,
In the journey of success there is no substitute access to classified

Simply put, the more you LEARN, the better your become, the better
you become, the more you EARN.

The above are just few of the tips I employ to get highly targeted clients/customers for business. I have included the details of how I do it step by step in the member’s area of {The Traffic By Command System Courses ]

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Let’s Rejoice Ahead.

Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J
Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J
Rejoice Chikamnele – SIR J - is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful online businesses hitting Millions-in-naira sales mark from the scratch……. A young man who embraced the Opportunity of Internet Business at a Tender Age of life… A Successful Advanced TELE-Com Dealer in Nigeria | A Giant Digital and Mobile Marketer| Information Marketing King | Website Designer | Web master consultant giant| An online importer | An Investor & A Self made young millionaire. To Read More About Him = Visit :===> www.passiveincomejob.com/about-the-admin OR Visit : => www.sirrejoice.com


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    This is mind blowing and very insightful!
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