{Part 3} Of: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called The “INTERNET” By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J

{Part 4} Of: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called “The INTERNET “By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
August 21, 2016
[Part 2) Of: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called “The INTERNET” By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
August 21, 2016

Dear Beloved,

Let’s continue the series on how you can make money online right here in Nigeria. 
What I’m going to share with you is so valuable that if you listen to me,you will be
making insane amount of money. 
I mean the kind of money that will be more than what any reasonable person can spend. 




No Messing Around. Straight To Business.

Where were we?

Okay. We have established that you have to sell online to make money online. I ended my last letter by saying that the questions you need to ask are…

  1. What should you sell online?

  2. How will you set it up online?

  3. How will you Set-up the Online STORE, Website or Blog to Sell it?

  4. How will you attract those that will buy your stuffs online?

Let’s start with the first question. What should you sell online? The answer is…

Hark unto me & Listen carefully now…..

Yes! I advise you to “Start your Internet Business “career” Today:

 [ As: “A TELE-Com Business Dealer By: OWNING Your Own TELE-COM Dealer Business Online STORES ]

  ……. IN Partnership With NCC the ( Nigeria Communication Commission )

Are You Ready ?

…I Repeat…”Are You Ready”???

 Believe it or Don’t, TELE-COM Industry Is the Second most Lucrative

and high populated industry in Nigeria after the Oil and Gas Niche…. That’s why you see all the Banks In Nigeria, staring from the mastermind GTB Bank till the dawn dick and harry Banks

 Doing & Taping into that bucket of Wealth in the TELE-Com Industry, by Selling Its Products and Services.
Tele-Communication  Business Niche is a very Lucrative one and i have no doubt it will serve you  more better. You will achieve great success in Marketing/Reselling the world class best products & services and share in the Opportunity bring to us by the Tele-Communication Industry while making the Residual income.

  Continue Reading……

What is a Residual Income?

Residual Passive Income is simply defined as “Money that comes into your Pocket while you sleep,walking on the street, driving, eating, taking your bath, in the toilet & even while making love with your wife or husband.. or when you are not working”

This business has explained itself & its reality of making you daily passive income without stop.

So! No need of trying to convince you again with long letter. …

Straight to the point:

Because Research conducted all over the world, we have discovered that “Recharge Card Airtime | Data Bundle | Monthly Bill Payment Subscriptions | Electricity Bill Payment Subscriptions | SMS Marketing | E-mail Marketing | ShortCode Services| Voice Calls | CallerTune Services  ETC….” are the most effective used products & Services in Nigeria & globally, by almost everybody.


“The smartest way to make money in Nigeria is to start a recession proof business. That is, a business whose product or services are everyday necessities and are always in huge demand: No matter the state of the economy @ any time period. One of such business is this Lucrative Tele-Communication Dealer  Business.

There are about 24-to-90Million Active mobile phones lines in Nigeria —– that’s about half of the country‘s population, & the number keep increasing on dally basis as long as people keep buying & activating new lines… And the average phone user’s Buys Recharge Cards, Data Bundle, Bill Payments, Electricity Bill, Prepaid etc and other Tele-COM products and services every day.

This, coupled with the fact that communication over the phone and accessing the internet is now an everyday need, explain why this is a very Hot business for you right now. if you are looking to start your own Hot Lucrative Business In Nigeria, then you should consider starting a ( TELE-Communication Dealer Business. through Owning Your OWN: TELE-COM Dealer Business Online STORES .

 Setup your ownTELE-COM Dealer Business Online STORES .
 today and YOU WILL START seeing your profit Immediately.

Continue Reading……

I’m sure some of you are waiting for me to say , sell something different like [ Food, water, bread and few other ] after all , its daily used too…  hahahahaha … i laugh in Latin.

Haba Rejoice is not going to do that…yet. I will still tell you why? but I need to deal with some deeper stuffs.

Listen…Before you decide on what you want to sell online, you need to ask yourself this question…

===>What Do People Want To Buy?

Before you set out to do anything whatsoever ,you have to decide that you are going to sell only what people WANT to buy.

 Are you still with me?

I want you to stay with me here because what I am about to reveal to you will determine whether you will become an Internet millionaire or you will soon force to quit your entrepreneur journey here . Infact, this is not just for Internet businesses only. The advice is valuable for your offline businesses as well. Here is the advice…

===>”Sell What People Want To Buy And Not What They Need To Buy”

I hope that got you thinking. If it didn’t, it’s either you already know what this means or you should not be in business. Go and find a job.

You see my friend; there is a massive difference between what people want to buy and what people need to buy even though they sound similar.

Let’s assume you sell books and other information materials like I do. Someone just supplied you with 1,000 copies each of two titles.

  1. How to pass JAMB

  2. How to relocate to the USA

Now let me ask you. If you have a teenage son you love so dearly, what will be your advice to him at that stage of his life? I’m sure you will advise him to pass JAMB and head to a University.


If you ask 100 teenagers to choose out of two options: to go to a university or to travel to the USA, which one do you think most of them will opt for? Your answer is as good as mine. They NEED to go to school but they WANT to travel abroad. Which of the books will sell more?

Important Note: I’m not saying a book on passing JAMB won’t sell. I used the analogy to make a point. I need to say this ‘cos there are some people that just love arguing. If you are one, pls i don’t have your time at all.

I move on:

Stop talking like most people that say things like…

– Everyone must eat, so I will sell food

– Everyone must drink water, so I will sell water

– Everyone must put on clothes, so I will sell clothes

Funny Enough

Someone told me he was going to sell salt because everyone cooks. I laughed in Latin. Come on. If you do a big party, maybe a wedding, you can’t finish a bag of salt. lol

Let me ask you. Which one will succeed faster out of these…

A food canteen or a football viewing center?

A motivational magazine or a football magazine?

Bottled Water Company or a beer company?

Gosh! I once saw a hungry looking boy (about 13 years old) pay N100 to enter a viewing center. That boy NEEDED food, but he WANTED to watch Chelsea.

I can go on and on. As a small business owner, think of only things people WANT. Leave the big guys to sell NEEDS. I hope I have made my point.

On a personal note, the day I embraced this principle was the day I went to a new level of income. Today, most of what I sell are things people want to buy.

Have I been able to convince you ? Will you make sure you start by selling only what people want?

Alight. Let’s move on.

Here are the next set of questions you must ask yourself.

  1. Should I Have my own TELE-Communication Dealer Business  Online STORE?

  2. Should I become an affiliate or A User? That is selling other people Stores/Platform for a commission?

  3. Should I secure reprint/licencing rights?

When you become a:” TELE-COM Dealer and Own your own Licensed TELE-COM Dealer Business Online Stores:” 

IN Partnership With NCC the ( Nigeria Communication Commission )

Pick Your Calculator Friend, Let’s do a little Maths on this business empire am about to hand over to you Here and Now.:

Are You With Me?

Now: After Setting Up/Launching you New Shinning Tele-Communication Dealer Business Online “two Stores” ..

Each Retailer User are Paying YOU Membership Fee: of at least  ₦1000 -to- ₦10,000 .

On my own Tele-Communication Dealer Business STORE at:

RechargeMobileStore.Com i charge my Retailer Users a membership fee of ₦1000 as to Hit Millions of Users.

to give them access of Buying Tele-Com Products and Services From You @ a Cheaper Rate + those that want to Resell.


The Membership Fee Becomes Your Print Out:

 First Income Revenue:=  ₦1,500 X First 1000 Users =

 ₦1.5Million Naira Income Revenue.


While we charge Our: Reseller Membership Users ₦5,000 Re-seller Membership Fee.

 ₦5,000 x 200 Reseller Users = Another  ₦1Million Naira Income Revenue.

Then On Reseller Membership.. The only Different between A Retailer & A Reseller is on Pricing Purchase List of Data Bundles and On Bill Payment … So,  like I said the only different between A Retailer and A Reseller is that Resellers Buys @ More cheaper rate than the Retailer.. To make more profit..

Reseller Membership Fee is #5000 One time Payment.. While Retailer is #1,000 One time Membership Payment

Let’s Proceed: 

=>>>>> Recharge Card Airtime. While YOU the Admin | CEO | Owner of the online Store Earns
up to 7% Passive Income . This your 1000 users at least even if they are hungry MUST Buy 

₦100 worth of Recharge Card Airtime everyday at a discount rate of 3% if only  you want to make them more BIGGER Happy. and You the dealer is retaining 4% per VTU . So, in maths, this your 1000 Users are trading airtime worth of:

 ₦100 X 1000 = ₦100,000 AND YOU are making:

 ₦100,000 / 100 = ₦100 X 4 =₦4,000 Daily on airtime alone.

If they are buying ₦200 each , you will be making 

= ₦8,000 Daily on Airtime alone. 

If they are buying ₦500 Airtime each, your profit will be

 ₦10,000 Daily on Airtime alone.

In a month which is 30days = Your profit will be

 ₦120,000 | ₦240,000 | ₦300,000 |

 This is Just on Airtime Recharge Card alone oooo.

Let’s Proceed…

=>>>Browsing Data Bundle [ In all Nigerian Networks

[ MTN,GLO,9MOBILE,AIRTEL&VISA PHONE] & Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer Via all the Networks.

Let Say out of this 1,000 Users Aside from them all Buying their personal subscription Data Browsing Bundle from You.

 Let say only half of  the number.

that’s 500 of them becomes your Data Bundle Retailer 

“eg” They Buy 1 GB MTN From You @ ₦400 And Resell to the market/End Users for ₦700 or ₦800 or at their own choice. 

And even if you are Retaining ₦70-₦100 on each sale as profit.

 So, in maths this your 500 Retailers.

 Buys like 3-4times daily. 

Let’s work with 3 time and ₦70 profit. 

So in Profit Calculation: = Per Person = ₦70 X 3times daily = ₦210 x 500Users = Cool ₦105000 [ 100k+] Daily. x 7days in a week = ₦735,000 Weekly X 30days in a Month = ₦3150,000 [ 3M-illion , One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira ]

Monthly Raw Cool Cash ..

From Just Browsing Data Bundle alone oooo.

Let’s Proceed:


>>>> | Monthly Bill Payment Subscriptions [ DSTV, GOTV, Startime ] & Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer .

=>>>>Electricity & Prepaid Bill Payment Subscriptions +

Examination Recharge Card [ WAEC, NECO, JAMB ]

| and Stand to make  YOU The Admin and the STORE owner a Huge income as a Dealer.

Bill Payments Subscription 

[ For space sake: Here i will combined all together: DSTV, GOtv, Startime + Electricity + Prepaid. 

Let’s Say You are Retaining ₦80, ₦100 One each sale with same 500 Retailers among your 1,000 First Users.

 Let’s work with 3 time and ₦80 profit. 

So in Profit Calculation: = Per Person = ₦80 X 3times daily 

= ₦240 x 500 = Cool ₦120,000 [ 120k ] Daily. x 7days in a week = ₦840,000 Weekly X 30days in a Month = ₦3600000 

[ 3M-illion , Six Hundred Thousand Naira ] 

Raw Cool Cash From. 

Bill Payments alone oooo.

Lets Proceed: 

==>>Gift Card [ Amazon giftt card, Itune gift card, Steam gift card, Google gift card, Ebay gift card, Sephora gift card, iTunes ecode card, ..and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.

 Lets say inside this 1,000 First Users. 

100 of them only. 

Trade @ least one gift card of 50$ only . and You pay/him ₦7,000 

Happy amount for 50$ volume. As Gift Card are trade on Volume. And You the Dealer is making a Profit of ₦3000 Per each sale. = ₦3000 X 100 = 

₦300,000 weekly x 4 Weeks of a month. =

 [ ₦1200000 ] Monthly.

[ One Million, Two Hundred Thousand Naira] Monthly.

 on Gift Card ooo.


=>>>+ Buy and Sale BITCOIN |
+ Transfer and Withdrawal of Money to any Bank in Nigeria | E.T.C .
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.

Let;s Round Up with BITCOIN. 

Bitcoin Prices and Profit.

Sorry:  [ For my Reputation and Good name ]

 I won’t run a Calculation here on BTC.

 My reason is because BTC is like a stock market: 

its Price is not fixed. 

But However it goes believe me you will make Thousands and Millions 

Monthly from this too. 


In all Together Calculation ON the #1 STORE alone:

 [ Your Users < Membership Fee Revenue =₦1M-illion Cash + 120K monthly on Airtime Recharge Card + ₦3 M-illion 0ne Hundred Fifty Thousand monthly:

on Browsing Data Bundle + ₦3 M-illion Six Hundred Thousand Monthly:

on all Bill Payments + Electricity + ₦1 M-illion Two Hundred Thousands monthly.; on Gift Card Transactions.

 Generally = [ ₦9 Million + Cool Raw Cash Monthly :

 Note, this excludes BITCOIN Transaction, as you know i did not include it. ]

 In Two Months = ₦18 Million+ . 

From Just One out of the Two Stores. 

Let’s take a look at the Second STORE Potential Earnings:

Since a Dealer is tilted to Own Two different Tele-Communication Dealer Online Stores.

Let’s take a look at the Second STORE Potential Earnings.



There is Something More Special About this Particular  STORE/Website  and Its Products and Service.  Sales and Potential Earnings.

a] You don’t need Much Clients Here.
only 10 Clients Here is capable to Print You Same 

₦10 M-illion Monthly on each deal/contract.

b] This 2nd Store Product and Services Cost Prices, are a bit High.

c] Very sweet: 

The Products and Services on this one: 

You are not sharing % Profit Earnings
with anyone one, not even NCC or Network provide.

not like Recharge Card Airtime & co, you are sharing % on.

So, You decide the Prices you will Sale.
Just Have the Product once in your Email and sale same product over and over again and Keep all  the generated Cool Cash on your pocket.

Due to space and time, i will use only 2 out of 10 Products and Services 

for “eg’  presentation HERE.
Lets Proceed:

‘eg #1″ GSM Database Phone Nos Sale’s.

[ Categorized By: States, LGA & locations with Names & Sex genders

 [ For your clients effective and Targeted SMS Marketing ]
Via Bulk SMS Marketing , WhatsApp Blasting ..etc..

due to how close human are with their phone, than Radio Ad, Television, Newspaper and co.

..As 95% if not 99.9% of Nigerian is always with their mobile phone. Funny but is “TRUE” some people even goes to bathroom & toilet with even their phones.


With this, All Business owners, companies, organizations, marketers, producers, etc… knows that this Mobile SMS Marketing through Bulk SMS Services or WhatsApp Blasting is the Fastest, Cheapest and Best Result Grantee way to attract all customers and clients needed in their business and convert at least 90% audience than any other channel. @ Least even if you don’t patronize them,  YOU must open and read the Text message that has HIT your phone, and then consider if you will Buy or Not. Now, use it to compare the list of audience reading News-paper, Listen to Radio or Watch Televisions.

Lets Say YOU Follow my own Selling price On My Own Second STORE at:
and fixed your own selling price @ 30k per State GSM Database Phone Nos.

and go look for some Advert fee. GO TO: NairaLand.Com Placed a paid advert on their

Business Categorized section,  for may be one week advert or one month.

Lets say 70 people comes in for the offer.

For I [ Sir.Rejoice, trust Nairaland.Com] traffic on this : and out of this 70 people: 

Note: After placing Reservation, still on that, not all of them will buy immediately. “That’s how marketing works” don’t worry i will teach you that. 

So, lets say 20 peoples out of 70 Convert into customers and buys immediately. @ your 30k discounted offer = ₦30,000 x 20 sales = ₦600,000

–  ₦20,000 you used for advert = ₦580,000 Income Revenue. 

all in your pocket.

Note: that the rest of 50 prospects that placed Reservation might still come back

before that months round up to Buy. 

From there you can remove 200k to blow Aggressive Adverts/Marketing
across all channels. and this time around God might bring 
over 100 sales to you.

Product 2 “eg”


=>> E-mail Address Databases Sales .
[ For your Clients effective E-mail Marketing ].
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.

You can follow me set your own Selling price @ ₦20,000 am selling it at:


Use same process go run paid Adverts or SEO

[ Search Engine Optimization ] 

Ranking your website  on Google etc

for Email Address Databases .

and generate 200 Reservation a month and convert

50 sales. As the product is more HOT Selling.

… All Business owners have come to believe on

[ eMail Marketing and Money is in the LIST ]

= ₦20,000 x 50 Sales

 = ₦1 Million Income Revenue Monthly.

Doubt me? : Simply hurry now go to [ Google.Com ]

Type/search on [ Nigerian Email Address Database ]

I [ Sir.Rejoice ] 100% Guarantee you., that you will see my

Advert on Sale’s of this product ranking ON First page of google.

Try the search, am not here to preach. 

This all i what i drink living from.



=>> Sales Of Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Services | 

[ For your Clients effective SMS Marketing ].
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.

==> Sales Of WhatsApp Blasting Services.

[ For your Clients effective SMS Marketing, Available for those that don’t want to Buy Bulk SMS Units  ]
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
=>> E-mail Address Databases Sales 

[ For your Clients effective E-mail Marketing ].
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
=>> | NCC GSM Databases Phone Nos Sales

[ Categorized By: States, LGA & locations with Names & Sex genders [ For your clients effective and Targeted SMS Marketing ]

 Via BulkSMS, WhatsApp Blasting ..etc..
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
=>> GSM ShortCode Services and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
+>>> Voice Calls | CallerTune Services.. ” 
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
==> Sales of motivational eBooks.
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income
==> You can help Business Owners, Companies, Organization and Individuals to get a 100% Professional working LIVE CHART integration as part of Services we Offer => into their Existing and Upcoming Websites…for easy customers communication on their website, which leads to more sales for them. “eg” Like the one we have on all my company websites.
==> Sales Of USSD Code , Toll Free and Non Toll Free Lines for more effective running of their business and companies .

As part of the services we offer as a Tele-Communication Dealers.
==> Sale’s of Web-Hosting and Development Services as a partner on my Web Hosting and Development Company of: Nigeria Web Solution.
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge Revenue.

Are You Not Seeing The Potential Reality that this 
Business is Here to Let you Suck Millions .
….Giving you the opportunity to suck wealth without STOP….
all in TELE-COM Business Industry AND Digital Marketing Industry.
and are the most effective used products & Services in Nigeria & globally, by almost everybody.

 NO Time To Waste Hurry Now And VISIT: 

Click Here to Get Your Own Giant Telecommunication Dealer Business Online Store.

that will spits cash round the clock for YOU .

And Discover The Fastest Way To Begin This Journey Now. as you keep growing & expand from there, to other business Niche.

So we are back to the main question and i know you really want me to answer it .

What Exactly Should You Sell?

Let’s cut the bull.  How do you SET-up Yourself as a Tele-Communication Dealer.. and have your own Million of users to sell Tele-com products & services, Bitcoin, Crypto-currency, Digital -Mobile Marketing/Advertisement products & services on your own stores ….etc….?

Like my companies at: www.RechargeAndEarnIncome.COM | www.RechargeMobileStore.com & www.FirstClassBulkSMS.com DOES? 

How will I create or set them up? Ans= Click ==> HERE to get Started immediately ..=> HERE Pls[ TWO ONLINE STORES WITH MULTIPLE SOURCE OF INCOME ]

 How will i setup the Online STORES to sell them?== Ans= Click ==> HERE to get Started immediately ..=> HERE Pls[ TWO ONLINE STORES WITH MULTIPLE SOURCE OF INCOME ]

How do i Register with NCC [ Nigeria Communication Commission ] to have full Government permission on this? ==Ans= Click ==> HERE to get Started immediately ..=> HERE Pls[ TWO ONLINE STORES WITH MULTIPLE SOURCE OF INCOME ]

How will I sell them?==Ans= Click ==> HERE to get Started immediately ..=> HERE Pls[ TWO ONLINE STORES WITH MULTIPLE SOURCE OF INCOME ]

Can they make me money?== Ans= Click ==> HERE to get Started immediately ..=> HERE Pls[ TWO ONLINE STORES WITH MULTIPLE SOURCE OF INCOME ]

I will drop my pen here today:

And Let’s Call It A Day!

“I am set to duplicate my success formula again…. I’ll setup up a complete TELE-COM Dealer Business Online Stores [TW O STORES WITH MULTIPLE SOURCE OF INCOME )

that is ever ready to spits cash for you round the clock. MAKE  YOU OVER ₦300,000 – ₦500,000+ PER MONTH.

===>But this OFFER is Available to Only Few People…! So to be among the few Lucky beneficiaries:

Click Here to Grab the OFFER today

Why Am I Doing All This for YOU  ? Simple. Because I want you to get IMMEDIATE RESULTS  & In Return I Will Have a Faster Testimony from YOU…. Yes! Nothing ever sweet me than getting thousands of Testimonies from my lovely Students & Clients who uses my products & services….  . Kindly Click Here To Read More about the TELE-COM Dealer Business Online STORES Setup.

P.S: Have I opened your eyes on how money is being made online? I hope I have. If I did not, it’s not because I have not revealed something powerful. It simply means…

. You Are Beyond All Hope! Sorry If My Word Offends You: Just That I LOVE You So Much And Never Want To See You Among The Living Beyond Hope:  You Know How Much I Love To See You Smiling:

Oya! Smile A Little For Me….. Smile! Smile! Smile! Oh that’s good. I Love That…..

PSS: Everyday! I’m so grateful, and keep thanking God for chance to share an idea, strategies or challenges with “YOU”

===>- I Appreciate the TIME, ATTENTION and TRUST, it could be impossible for me to do this without you.

===>- – If you are someone who is looking for a way to create a second source of income business which can help you make- Five-To-Six figure income and even more in the FASTEST & Legitimate way possibly, then Hurry Today As I Recommend You To Lay Your Hand On This TELE-COM Dealer Business Online Store Setup Irresistible Offer, I called “A SEED OF LIFE”

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===>P.S.S: NOTE: Please don’t forget to leave your comments, Questions, Testimonies & More when you’re done Reading. The more comments I see the more I would know you read this Irresistible Training tips and appreciate to Revealed More.


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Let’s Rejoice Ahead.

Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J
Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J
Rejoice Chikamnele – SIR J - is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful online businesses hitting Millions-in-naira sales mark from the scratch……. A young man who embraced the Opportunity of Internet Business at a Tender Age of life… A Successful Advanced TELE-Com Dealer in Nigeria | A Giant Digital and Mobile Marketer| Information Marketing King | Website Designer | Web master consultant giant| An online importer | An Investor & A Self made young millionaire. To Read More About Him = Visit :===> www.passiveincomejob.com/about-the-admin OR Visit : => www.sirrejoice.com


  1. John Taiwo says:

    Wow! Nice Lesson learnt
    ”Sell What people Want and not what people need”,
    ”There is difference between what people want and what people need”.

    “All business needs traffic to survive and stay ahead of their competitors.”

    Thanks so much for this piece of info.

    Mobile Marketing is really the Bomb! Am enjoying it!
    I recommend that as many that are not yet into this niche should tap into it because it’s just starting and its got a lot of wealth flowing in it direction.

    Don’t work hard but Work Smart!

    Thanks Great Mentor!

  2. JOHN KELECHI says:

    POINT NOTED: Sell What people Want and not what people need

  3. I am getting wiser by listening to the wise and season expert! I am proud of you Sir Rejoice!

  4. Kingsley Daniel says:

    Thank you sir glad to meat you

  5. Kennedy Chinenye says:

    This is interesting.

  6. Miriam says:

    Rejoice am excited already though we are still on day 3 but my hopes are high and beginning to see myself right behind you in internet success. Keep it up and God will keep you up. Please how can I know which of the businesses you pointed to choose.help us in choose making thank you.

    • Miriam! Thank’s for your heart of Appreciation & for digesting the food from my lovely kitchen.
      For the choice making . Kindly ring me on : 08032439765 , 07084869575 ( 8am – 5pm only ) I will personally direct you on what to do & how to do it better.

  7. Gift Anyika says:

    Hi boss ,you are so good sir ©thank for this wonderful lecture ©am happy following .

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