{Part 6} Of: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called “The INTERNET” By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J

{Part 7} Of: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called “The INTERNET” By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
August 21, 2016
{Part 5 } Of: How To Make Real Passive Income Right Here In Nigeria Using The Platform Called The “INTERNET” By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
August 21, 2016

Dear Beloved!

How are you today?

Welcome back, it’s time to continue on our training: Titled: The Online Income TRUTH On How to Make Real Passive Income Right Here in Nigeria Using the Platform Called the “INTERNET”.

If by any means, you miss any of the other parts: No wahala, kindly research them on this Blog.

Yes! I used to be where you are today… I was a ==> “NEWBIE”

Yes! For sure a was a “Newbie’’ ……….. Or did you think this young man jump up from the tree & start coaching you….Never! Never ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

As someone who went from a total newbie to very successful Internet businesses owner, I know exactly what you’re going through in trying to get things off the ground. It is THE reason I’ve made a commitment to helping others achieve success.

Like i said the other day, Every day I receive questions from my subscribers via my Email, SMS, Facebook, Calls and Chats:;;;;;

“Sir.Rejoice”, they ask me, “What am I doing wrong? I’ve been trying to make money online for over 1-2 -3 years now and I tied as hard as I could for months now, but I did not make a dime!”

Well, I finally got fed up! No, not at my subscribers or those people– but at the thought of so many people’s hopes and dreams being dashed, simply because they don’t have the right information…

There’s simply no good reason not to succeed online, unless you secretly fear success or have some other issue blocking your efforts. Now, I knew that I couldn’t possibly mentor every single person one-on-one. As much as I would like to do that, it’s just logistically impossible,

So I decided to give a fundamental FREE online training right here on my blog to my esteemed subscribers and to anyone who has ever heard or believed (even if it was just a tiny 1% belief) that it is possible to make money online to access this training for the remaining part of this year…

Another most important thing you need to do when you want to sell an Information or Advertisement products or Services online is to CHOOSE A MARKET.


That is so, so, so important. You can’t just decide to sell anything to anybody because you’ve seen others selling it too. And in today’s lesson you’d discover:

–       Why you need to target a Market for your online business

–       The 1 Secret you need to understand when you are choosing a Market

–       3 Simple Rules for Choosing a Market

Below are the Top 8 SMOKING HOT Million-Naira Niche markets that people are already making millions from.  Which I Can Highly Recommend You To Pick UP & Dominate Right Now To Start Making N200, 000 & Above Monthly Passive Income.

They will not only make you money online… but will give you the 100% authority control over your Business..

Are You Ready ?

They Are As Follows:

{1} TELE-Communication Dealer Business 

{2} Digital | Mobile Marketing Business

{3}  Crypto-currency Trading Business 

{4} Information Marketing Business 

[ 5]  Online Blogging Business 

{6 } Website Design | Web Development Consultant Business |

{7 }  Online Importation Business 

{8 } Amazon Kindle Book Publishing Business 


How Blog Can Help You Sell Of Your Products & Services fAST & 

Earn  You A Living With It?

Note: Blogging Business is never a get rich over night quick program… I always laugh in Latin at any time I see most Nigerians running into the Niche Blog of “News, Gossip & Entertainments, just to be like: Linda Ikeji .. Next thing they start looking for Google AdSense  & within 2 months they are feed up & quit.

 Yeah…. I Have Done All Work & Research for You Just to Make Things Very Easy For YOU as a beginner.

–       Access to a list of 16 major Blogging markets that I encourage you to choose from …..

Blog Niche #1: Getting Pregnant

The “How To Get Pregnant” niche is a very hot BLOG market right here and right now in Nigeria and all over the world. This market will continue to thrive and the demand for products in this niche market will never die. Products from networking companies like: FOREVER living, Long Rich, Kiddle etc… will bear me witness on this: 

The reason is, people will always get married, have children and take care of these children. Selling to this niche market can be very lucrative because a mother can have up to 2 – 6 children and there will always be a chance for them to buy more than one related product.

Many rich Nigerians will pay tens to hundreds of thousands of Naira to get the fruit of the womb, and to also be helped to get and predict the sex of a child. All of these can be sold as a product that will continue to generate revenue every year. This niche is always evergreen.

Blog  Niche #2: Acne Treatment

How many young Nigerian girls and women do you know have the following skin problems; Eczema, Pimples and Stretch marks?

There are lots of women that have these problems. And guess what? They are desperate to cure these skin problems because it makes them unattractive. Women love a smooth and beautiful skin, so they will do anything to get solution to cure these skin problems.

Do you have the solution?

If you have an information product on the natural ways to cure these skin problems, or simply a line of skin care creams that takes care of these problems, then you have a large market to patronize you.

Blog Niche #4: Weight Loss

The Weight loss market is one of the most lucrative and highly competitive niche markets in the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar business niche. Most people eat junk food and fall sick every day from the effect of bad eating.

And because they’re overweight and feeling sick all the time, they’re looking for a solution all the time. These groups of people need a simple guide on how to eat healthy, so you can stat Blogging to guild them on how they can be fit, lose weight and be able to maintain their figure for as long as they live.

Blog Niche #5: Skin Care 

The best money makers in the world of business are women. Women are easier to convince to buy a product as long as it relates to skin care and make up.

Women have an irrational passion to look good and therefore are the best prospects for the skin care niche. It’s a multi-billion naira industry. If you know how to target a quality product and you have a unique approach to your marketing, you’ll make a killing in this niche market. It’s always evergreen and  women spends a lot on this market.

An average woman spends over N2, 000 on her skin alone every month. If you capture so many women and become a trusted authority on skin care, this money could be yours every month for many years.

Blog Niche #6: Healthy Eating

The health niche is one of the most lucrative niche markets in the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar business niche. Most people eat junk food and fall sick every day from the effect of bad eating.

And because they’re overweight and feeling sick all the time, they’re looking for a solution all the time. These groups of people need a simple guide on how to eat healthy, so they can be fit, lose weight and be able to maintain their figure for as long as they live.

Blog Niche #7: Baby Care

Most new parents are clueless when it comes to taking care of a newly born baby. Even the experienced parents need guides that will help them to be up to date with latest information that will help them to train their babies.

Especially with more couples getting married while still below 30, many young or single dads who have babies will be willing to subscribe to a newsletter giving latest information on baby care. And they will pay for this information happily.

Blog Niche #8: Cars

Nigerians love cars. Do you know that few people actually own a blog on how to maintain a car?

There are practically tens of thousands of millions of people who own and drive cars, yet what you see all over the web in Nigeria is websites promoting the sales of cars, not a blog or newsletters teaching people how to maintain their cars.

If you give away an important information product on how to get the best mileage per litre of fuel bought, how many people do you think will buy that material?

This is a hugely profitable but under-utilized niche market that nobody is blogging about. I know of an Australian who blogs about cars and earns $100,000 per month (N16million) doing this.

Blog Niche #9: Internet Marketing

The internet marketing niche is one of the most profitable niche markets in the world as long as you have a track record of success selling products & services using the internet in other niches.

Using internet marketing, I have been able to make over N400 million over the course of the last 10 years, 2011 i started my entrepreneurship business online:  selling nothing but: Mobile Digital  & Information products and services online, Tele -com Dealer products and services, Web development niche, online importation and my cRYPTO-MARKET trading strategies .

Internet marketing has been responsible of my success and that of many youthful Nigerian millionaire entrepreneurs you see around today.

Today making money on the Internet is the easiest way to make money and get rich. It’s a multi-million dollar business because everyone wants to make extra money to support him and family.

If you can provide a value-laden training that helps people, then you will make millions from this niche as well.

Blog Niche #10: Beauty & Make Up

Beauty and fashion is a female niche market and it is one of the most lucrative niche markets we have available today.

Nigerian women are crazy about “make up” and beauty products. Their physical appearance is their major concern. Ever wonder why every woman carries a small mirror in her purse? It is because they use the small mirror to check on their faces all the time.

With a beauty/fashion or make up blog newsletter, you can give away tips that can help every  woman to remain beautiful, get the latest fashion bags, shoes, lipstick, creams, eye glasses.

In fact, you can be a major supplier or an affiliate to some of these physical products and you will make continuous flow of income to your bank account as long as your newsletters are up to date and you give away priceless tips.

Blog Niche #11: Real Estate

How many blogs in Nigeria do you know that blog about properties? Very few. I know of just 2. Yet many websites you see today only sell or list properties for sell. None of them builds relationship with their prospects.

Yet, as we all know real estate is the default way of getting insanely rich. And in Nigeria many real estate companies are making millions every month in affiliate commissions alone. Now imagine if you blog and list latest properties on your blog for free?

Imagine having the direct contact of a buyer who wants to buy properties in Abuja for =N=500million and the contact of the owner of such property, 10% commission will simply translate to N50million for you for just connecting 2 people to do business.

What about rental properties? That’s another incredible income source. With your blog, you can place adverts, sell information products, sell consulting, sell properties and make incredible amount of money simply because blogging gives you incredible positioning and credibility

Blog Niche #12: Sports Betting

Do you know the owner of Nairabet.com? His name is Hon.Akin Alabi. Today Akin Alabi makes over =N=150million naira per month from sports betting here in Nigeria.

He did it because he simply own a betting website and because he is an information marketer, he was able to make the website popular and today he owns several registered businesses in Nigeria from the income he made from that business.and finally he is today a politician [ Senator at National assembly ] 

Nigerians are “football crazy” and targeting such audience means a generous source of income for you. You may even use your sports betting blog to become an affiliate of Naira bet and make lots of money like others who make hundreds of thousands per month.

You can also sell information guides on how to use football betting to make a nice chunk of money every month. Football lovers will buy it, heck you can even accept banner adverts on your blog on pay per advert basis.

Blog Niche #13: Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of the very lucrative information technology niche markets you can venture in and become incredibly successful.

Why, you ask?

Because every day, thousands of people register domain names and hosting accounts to set up new websites.  My Company At:  Nigeria Web Solution makes Millions of naira monthly on this each alone… Nigerians are becoming aware of this trend and web hosting companies are growing bigger every year.

I know a web hosting company in Nigeria that is hosting over 100,000 Nigerian websites as we speak, you can visit them HERE today At Nigeria Web Solution.Net . If you own a blog on web hosting, you are not going to be a hosting company; instead you can approach any of these hosting companies in Nigeria, Like… Nigeria Web Solution.Net  With their reseller package, or Partner you can purchase the smallest package for less than =N=10,000, and you have the ability to sell this package to at least 60 people for =N=5,000 per year. That is =N=300,000 when you sell all the membership, and you will go home with over =N=290,000 as profit, with this you can upgrade to unlimited membership which goes for less than =N=50,000. This will allow you to sell as many accounts as possible.

If you have 2000 people hosting with you, and 50% of those people continue to renew there online presence every year at =N=5000, you have just created yourself a =N=5,000,000 per year recurring business with reseller plans (i.e without owning a hosting company).

Niche #14: Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are getting even more popular, especially the smart ones. Most people buy the latest phones always. When you own a blog on mobile phones, you will eventually become the trusted solution when it comes to mobile phones.

People will ask for your recommendation before they go out to buy phones. Heck you can become a phone dealer without having to stock phones of any type in your house. You can just use any of the importation guides to import phones at cheaper rates and sell to your audience at a high profit margin.

You can even partner with phone dealers and create a system that will help you to get credit for every referral from your blog.

As a mobile phone blog owner, you can have access to Apps (mobile applications) and sell it to your customers with a guide on how to install it on their phone.

As a blogger in this niche, you can easily integrate any website that sells SMS credits and get your customers to buy and bring you customers as well.

You can also sell information products on how to browse for free using mobile devices if you have such information. You can sell information on how to make money using mobile phones if you also have the information.

In fact your options are endless, as long as what you are marketing is congruent to people who use mobile phones every day, it will sell very well.

Blog Niche #15: Computers

Have you ever seen a computer blog? Yes there are countless of computer blogs on the web, but

there are few of them in Nigeria. And most of the ones you see are hosted on a free blog platform.

The computer business is a very good business. Many dealers are making a ton of money selling and repairing computers. That is why we have computer cent-res and markets in nearly all the states of the country.

How can you profit with a computer blog?

Well, today computer is becoming a household appliance just as the TV is. Many people own iPads, Laptops, Desktop PCs, tablets, and smart-phones etc.

Your blogging on this niche should be focused on maintenance, acquisition, repairs, and advice on all of these electronics.

That means you have opportunities to sell very good antivirus CDs, recommend where to fix or repair laptops, you can even help your readers to get refurbished laptops/computers for cheap and make a nice chunk of change in the process.

You can also sell information products on computer maintenance, cheap importation guide, guides on networking of computers, computing, sales, maintenance and repairs.

So that’s the info-marketing part of this business package.

Niche #16: Diabetics

Do to the large number of people suffering from the pains & sickness of Diabetics … you can Blog on this niche & makes a lot of money from it right now.

The blogging helps you to automates your selling and generates even more income

I will drop my pen here today: And Let’s Call It A Day!

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“The smartest way to make money in Nigeria is to start a recession proof business. That is, a business whose product or services are everyday necessities and are always in huge demand: No matter the state of the economy @ any time period. One of such business is this Lucrative TELE-COM Dealer  Business.

Believe it or Don’t, TELE-COM Industry Is the Second most Lucrative and high populated industry in Nigeria after the Oil and Gas Business industry…. That’s why you see all the Banks In Nigeria, staring from the mastermind GTB Bank till the dawn dick and harry Banks

 Doing & Taping into that bucket of Wealth in the TELE-Com Industry, by Selling Its Products and Services as a Dealer not as an ordinary user oooo..lol… 

 You will achieve great success in Marketing/Reselling the world class best products & services and share in the Opportunity bring to us by the Tele-Communication Industry while making the Residual income.

 There are about 24-to-90Million Active mobile phones lines in Nigeria —– that’s about half of the country‘s population, & the number keep increasing on dally basis as long as people keep buying & activating new lines… And the average phone user’s Buys Recharge Cards, Data Bundle, Bill Payments, Electricity Bill, Prepaid etc and other Tele-COM products and services every day.

This, coupled with the fact that communication over the phone and accessing the internet is now an everyday need, explain why this is a very Hot business for you right now. if you are looking to start your own Hot Lucrative Business In Nigeria, then you should consider starting(TELE-COM Dealer Business. through Owning Your OWN: TELE-COM Dealer Business Online STORES .

 Setup your ownTELE-COM Dealer Business Online STORES .
 today and YOU WILL START seeing your profit Immediately.

 The same business Niche which the most Successful, Respected And Powerful Advanced Giants Internet Business Entrepreneurs Expertise Men and Ladies | All Nigerians Banks | Companies | Group| Organization etc… Owns & run…- And- When you lay your hand on it… nothing stops you from being on top: Expect you are the one that fears success.

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===>P.S.S: NOTE: Please don’t forget to leave your comments, Questions, Testimonies & More when you’re done Reading. The more comments I see the more I would know you read this Irresistible Training tips and appreciate to Revealed More.


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Let’s Rejoice Ahead.

Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J
Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J
Rejoice Chikamnele – SIR J - is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful online businesses hitting Millions-in-naira sales mark from the scratch……. A young man who embraced the Opportunity of Internet Business at a Tender Age of life… A Successful Advanced TELE-Com Dealer in Nigeria | A Giant Digital and Mobile Marketer| Information Marketing King | Website Designer | Web master consultant giant| An online importer | An Investor & A Self made young millionaire. To Read More About Him = Visit :===> www.passiveincomejob.com/about-the-admin OR Visit : => www.sirrejoice.com


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