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As you can see, i published this article here on my Blog since 2016 : Close to 5 Years now.

So. Sir.Rejoice is not the kind of HIT today on Internet & run away GUY.

…with few seconds search of my name, on Google [ Rejoice Chikamnele-Sir J ] this will give you many more reasons to listen to me, if only you desire success, in your business breakthrough. Since 2011. this Young man have been an Entrepreneur in Nigeria, selling many products and services on internet to Thousands if not Millions of Users, Students, Clients, Partners, and Customers in different business Niche. am ever proud to tell you that no single person can say anything negative about me and my company… [ Via it on: Google, Facebook, Nairaland, etc..] Not that we don’t fail in some areas.. But we work day and night with all honesty to keep The Good name and Reputation moving… Believe me it worth more than Raw Cash in your bank account…. anyway, lets go deep to the main issue HERE:

Dear Beloved,

Let me start today’s letter by asking you a question.

If someone points a loaded gun at you and commands you to empty your pocket and hand over your wallet and valuables to him, what will you do?

I’m sure you will comply. Afterall, who wan die? I want to share with you how you can actually use this to make a lot of money for yourself. No! I’m not asking you to rob a bank or do something illegal. It’s so easy to make money legally so why should I bother about doing something illegal?

Listen up.

If you want to guarantee the success of any business venture you want to go into, you have to adopt the “ Gun To The Head Marketing Approach” . That means you will be sure you’re not going to waste money on that business venture. You will be sure you’re going to make a lot of money with it.

Here is how you can go about doing it?

After you decide on the kind of business you want to go into, imagine someone called your name & point a loaded gun at you saying:

 “  If You Do Not Profit With This Business Venture, I’M going To Pull This Trigger On You

gun-to-the-headDo you know human beings can achieve a lot if we are pushed to that limit? I bet if I ask you to fast for 40 days, I’m sure you will tell me you’re not Jesus Christ. But if you find yourself in the middle of the desert without any form of food, water or shelter, you will go for days without fasting and you will be ready to run if someone shows you a way out of the desert. If a “red eyed” man threatens to pull the trigger if you do not succeed with your business, I can bet it that you will succeed it.

Crazy illustration, isn’t it?

Maybe it is ,but the truth is that it works. Today, I never setup any online store or any form of website in any business venture I am in today, without a target Goal.., I never publish a sales letter until I’m sure it will sell. I never make a post in my Blog! Until I’m sure my readers will love it and want more. I never organize a seminar until I’m 100% sure it would succeed. If I’m not sure about its success, I simply remember the man with the gun.

Alright, Let’s Move On:  To Hit The GUN On the HEAD.

As I revealed to you on the Best Eight (8) “Gun Point On Head Marketing Techniques:” you can use now to: To Sell More Of Your Products And Services In The Next 20 Days Than You Did In The Last 200 Days!

I received an email from a female student of mine the other day asking me to suggest what she should do to increase the volume of sales she is making from her online “ TELE-Communication Dealer Business ONLINE STORE  . According to her, her sales were too little as  N86-97,000 Monthly income…which according to her is far low to sustain her family financial challenges at the moment; in which her four children are resuming school & a lot is expected to place in order… …

As I was about to type my reply to her, a text message came in from another reader asking the same type of question. That motivated me to write this article because I concluded that there are others out there in this type of situation, so it makes a lot of sense to share with them what I know about making more sales with ALL kinds of businesses.

I’m going to be sharing with you, Eight (8) Major sales techniques I learnt from the brightest minds in the world of direct marketing. I have used these techniques in my own businesses and I’ve seen outstanding results. I must confess that not all the techniques can be applied to ALL kinds of businesses but I guarantee that there will be at least one technique you can use in your business to trigger the sales you’ve always wanted.

Are you ready?

  1. Change Your Focus From Making Money To Serving People, SERVING MORE PEOPLE Lets The Money Come In Fast.

Anytime the subject of multiple sources of income comes up, one of the frequently questions I get is what business to go into to generate income or monthly cash flow. Business is not something you jump in head first, looking at where others seem to be making money and
try to get a piece of the action.

If making money is your primary driver for going into business, you may likely lose money instead of making money. For your business to grow and become profitable, you need growing customer/clients base, customers that pay for your goods and services.
Now stop and think for a minute. If your customers feel all you are after is their money, how inclined will they be towards opening their wallets for you? Put yourself in their position. If you felt people you do business with were more interested in your money than providing good service, will you continue to patronize them or recommend them to your friends? What has been your experience you’re your INTO ANY ONLINE OR OFFLINE BUSINESS, OR YOU ARE A plumber, mechanic, electrician, store you buy things from, market woman etc. If someone is only after your money, you can sense it and be on your guard. Is it not TRUE OOOOOO…
We have discontinued doing business with someone at one time at or the other. Nobody likes feeling ripped off. To win in business, you need a unique selling proposition. You need to have something to offer.
Your potential customers are not really concerned about your need to make profit to support your family. That is your problem. Their focus is having their needs met. If you exceed your customer’s expectations, they enthusiastically tell their friends about their experience with you, in the process bringing you new customers and clients to you.
Common sense then dictates that if you want to run a profitable business, you need to meet the needs of more and more people. It is not about you, but them. It is not about your needs, but theirs.
Consequently, the focus should be on solving their problems, not your need to make money.
If you solve their problems, you will make money.

You have to bring yourself fully into the game if you want to WIN.

That is why you need to know for yourself,  what business you want to go into.

. I know many folks that have tried their hands on different things looking for what will ‘work’. Many sell on credit, run out of cash and conclude it does not work. In each instance, others are
making it while they are running at a loss. So, are you still looking for which business to go into?

Every business has the potential of being profitable, from ONLINE TO OFFLINE, cleaning houses to manufacturing aircraft. There is money everywhere EVEN ON THE AIR. People are making money in every conceivable field you can think off, including giving opinions online (which many do offline for free, sometimes staying up late in order to be the first to comment on news items).

You can go into any business if you really want to.  Nigeria is open for business. The question is, why do you want to go into that business?
–> Do you have what it takes?
– > What is driving you?
– > What is your motive?
A business is a platform to give your gifts
If you make money by meeting people’s needs, then what do you have that can meet needs around you? What is your gift?

==>>‘Wetin you carry come?’=.>>>

–> What are you good at? What skill do you have?

A business is just a platform to give those gifts.
Without a business, what you have is a hobby, something you do by the side.

Many are not passionate about their jobs.

Since they are used to working for money, they look at a business as an avenue to make money also as a second source of income.
A business is not something you just dabble into. It is a journey of self-discovery, of becoming all that you can be vocation wise. Your business is tied to your purpose – what you came to this world to do. You are going to spend a lot of time here, so it is important that you start something that matters,
Something that is meaningful to you and makes a difference in the life of others.

It demands that all of you show up – that you give it your best shot.

If you are aiming for the top, life demands nothing less.
It is not about money. It is about making a difference, leaving a legacy.

Money is a by- product of meeting needs, adding value.

If you focus on the main thing, the money will come.

We all have something to give.

The issue is paying the price to find out what it is.
Money cannot satisfy on a sustainable basis. If you are not growing and contributing, something dies on the inside of you no matter how affluent you look on the outside. This is not to deny the fact that many have survival challenges. If you are in that situation, then focus on
your job and be the best employee you can be.

Earn promotions, make more money or get a better job and deal with your survival issues.

Do not bring up starting a business into the mix.
If you do not know what business to go into, that is a clear sign that you are not ready. Wait until you are ready. Work on yourself. Who are you? What do you love? What are you passionate about? If you have all the money and all the time in the world, what would you do with your life? If you cannot answer these questions, stays put and make a difference right where you are!


  1. 2.] Going The FREE Line

Free is the most powerful word in marketing. Nothing comes close. If you can use the concept of”FREE” properly in your business, there is no way you won’t see instant results. I’ve tested this over and over again and it works all the time.

Example 1. On one of my company website at: First Class Bulk SMS  Via => FirstClassBulkSMS.Com | which serves as my Second Tele-Communication Trading STORE for Nigerians and International < Mobile and Digital Marketing Platform”

Having known that there are some competitors out there , and as a strong entrepreneur I & my students don’t fear competitors  rather all i do is to apply my own marketing technique , set up my target goal to do different things from what our competitors do…

That is when I brought the hot selling ideal of “FREE TRAIL SERVICES” on I and my student’s website in the Niche of Mobile | Digital Marketing Business…

As other competitors are concentrating in reducing price of their products & services  to make their offer sound cheap before the client, we focus our attention on offering each client a Total FREE 200 SMS Units and above , as their first time trail service : We make it clear to them using this statement….

| Buy 6 States GSM Database Phone Number at:  ₦70,000 each = ₦420,000 and Get  Any Other 6 State of your choice @ Total FREE Cost.

OR Buy all the National GSM Databases Phone Numbers [ Categorized by States, LGA and Location with Names and Sex gender ] for your effective SMS Marketing Via BulkSMS, WhatsApp Blasting etc at a Discount Price of  ₦800,000 and GET OUR Hot Selling E-mail Address Databases @ a Total FREE Cost [ for your effective eMail Marketing ] + Total FREE 10,000 Bulk SMS Units and 20,000 Total FREE WhatApp Blasting Units for FREE.

For Bulk SMS Units.

“ Our policy is that after your registration on our website, you are not allowed to pay any extra kobo first in purchasing SMS Unit, we are to offer you a Total FREE 200 SMS Units to try our services, Check on our fastest delivery, 1 SMS Unit to all networks etc… if you are satisfy with our service then you can fund your account to keep using our service with total peace of mind… if not, you simple look for another provider until you get what you want…”

Wow! This sound irresistible CRAZY and Nigeria is a country where everyone including YOU love anything that is Free | Offer |Promo| & Discount no matter their personality and richness… then, with the view point above I tell you, such person will never refused such an offer…& I can use that word over and over again on my online business to suck any amount of Cash i want…

as long as I trusted the quality of service my company can provide & I know it will never fail me… as such, they client have no any other option than to retire with me because in every business first impression matters alot…So, I have given him or her the impression to trust my service & remain with me even if my cost price is so higher than what any other competitors are selling out there…

In other products & services in other Business Niche we offer, apart from Bulk SMS Service, GSM and Email Databases.. in that case, we at times go as far as giving our clients the Unbelievable option of “Service before Payment” Or Make only the half payment and balance up once we deliver | OR Pay on Delivery … Like on GSM Short Code, Callertunes, Ussd Code Setup, Toll Free and Non Toll Free GSM Line setup ..etc….

Example 2:

On my company of Of: Website Hosting and website Development services + All Online Advertisement at: Nigeria Web Solution = Via => NigeriaWebSolution.Net

We sometimes ago, apply in a total option of “SERVICE BEFORE PAYMENT”

Imagine carrying your advert or approaching a client and you uses this word of mine.

Hi beloved, we are going to give you the Best co-operate Website Design Service for your Church | Schools | Company | Business  etc Do not pay us a dime until we deliver your work… we will use our company money to carry out its Registration| Hosting | Designing, and Development work, including installing 100% Professional LIVE Chart: For easy communication between you and your potential  customers, already customers , and you website visitors. No need of giving them your facebook account, WhatsAPP No etc…Let them Meet you & Chart with you LIVE there on your business website. so, you will direct, lead and answer all there question, until they open their wallet to BUY….+ We shall also install Online Payment into your Website. To enable people visiting your website. Open their wallet and pay you there and then with their ATM Card, instead of procrastinating when next to go to bank. ALL this with our company money and will deliver to you in the next 4working days, then you take a look at  what we have done for you and our policy is that you pay us within 2 days of our delivery YOU Pay Us. without fight or war and get your Admin log-in details | Your website c-panel details etc… Sir/Ma our cost price to that is at its discount PRICE of 

2000, 000 “ [ Yes. Two Million Naira. ] But i will consider to give you a final discount of 500k. So all you will pay is ₦ 1.5Million.

As of  FEW years ago, my company adopted this option, our monthly Revenue on the Website Development Business Niche was clocking around N15-N21 Million naira passive income cash every single month…because I took my time to build Many trusted Affiliate Partners around my Business Company 

See PROOF Here at =>  ;The partnership offer is still rolling till today. YOU too can Join us.

to suck cash from Web Development industry.

and for sure we defeat and stay ahead of many competitors out there… and getting paying clients daily becomes as simple as ABCD.

Example 3..

A few years ago, the attendance for our high priced seminars where i charge each student participant (N35, 000 per seat) and it was dwindling. I came up with a free version and we had about two thousand people in attendance. We sold our books, CDs and other training materials… which made more money than what we would have made from the paid seminar.

If you can’t give out your products or service for free, why don’t you give a free sample? There is always a way to apply this technique no matter the business you are in. For instance, if you go to most “suya” spots, as soon as you get there, the seller cuts out a piece of meat for you to taste. Except the taste is bad or the price is too high than what you budgeted before stepping in there, you will likely buy from him. That is the power of free samples.

In conclusion, we all love free stuffs because it is risk free on our part.

  1. Building Referral Program in your Business.

I have used this , to suck Millions of cash from my : TELE-COM Dealer Business Store…. CHECK IT OUT ON OUR Tele-Communication Trading Business Store [ for Nigerians ]

Here at : Recharge Mobile Store Via => RechargeMobileStore.Com … for Proof…

I’m not running MLM Networking shit on any of my Tele-Communication Trading online STORES..

But… Referral Functionality on your Tele-Communication Store.. has help us alot.

[ this remains our most secret way of getting over 1,000-10,000 Registered Users on our Store within the first 30days “1 month” of Setting up your Tele-communication Dealer STORE ]. 

How? some might still ask??  As you all know , on our: => RechargeMobileStore.Com  Tele-Communication Trading online Store for Nigerian’s to Buy/Trade: [ Recharge card Airttime, Browsing Data Bundle, Pay Bill of DSTV, GOTV, Start-time, Pay Electricty/Prepaid Bills, Sell Giftcard , Bitcoins …etc...

<NOTE:”Each User ,any of our already User Refer; Earns the person  ₦1,000  Passive Income Cash; as long as the person Register with ( Your own Registered Phone No ) as his or her ( Referral Phone No) At the Registration Form On the STORE |

See, some users only Register for this purpose. they setup a target to make ₦10,000 -to- ₦ 20,000 weekly. and to achieve that, they have to Refer Active 10- 20-people each on weekly..

The best form of marketing is word of mouth marketing. One form of word of mouth marketing is personally telling others about your product and service. That is powerful , but it is not as powerful as other people telling other people about your products & services. When people begin to tell others about your products and services, credibility builds and your sales will go through the roof.

Now, except you have an exceptionally innovative and revolutionary product, do not expect your existing customers to tell others about it. Most people have a lot of things on their minds and your product is not one of them. To get them telling others about your product, you have to reward them. How you reward them is however up to you.

Let’s assume you run a restaurant. You can tell your existing customers that if they can bring in five new customers, their next two meals will be free. Now, some of you will be wondering if people will respond to these kinds of offers. The answer is a big YES oooooooo. People love the fact that they can be rewarded for being loyal.

From my experience, financial reward, food, cloth, pen, book,plat, cup, shoe. all works “eg” < BUY 5  @ 10K each =50k and Get ONE For TOTAL FREE ,,same shoe that my boy bought at N1,500 in Aba … Chai, Go see power of Gun Point on Head marketing |

Another “eg”

This item is for FREE… all you will pay is for its Shipping fee to any part of location you stay in Nigeria. Shipping fee is 20$ = 8,000 in naira. Same product selling somewhere @1,000. I see, FEAR God oooo …all this work best …|

Another ‘eg”

This product is 20,000 + A Total FREE Shipping to any destination/location you stay in Nigeria. same product selling some where for N2,000 . 

Oga & Madam . na 18k be transport fee. Chia i see

” Gun point ON Head marketing ” 

“Another example” 

2- in-1 D1SCOUNT for the weekend only.

 1. Instead of 40k subscription, you will p-ay just 35k

 Instead of 30days, you will get 35days ac-cess.

“Another example”

I once run a Digital Marketing Advert for my Hotel Clients  as follows:

A Night Pay ₦ 150,000 and Get Total Free Dinner and Breakfast.

Chai, the so called dinner and breakfast is not up to 5k.

Same hotel room , somewhere for 10k 

Another Example.

Pay for 5 Night @ ₦20,000 and Get One Day night for FREE…

  Haba.. Come See bulk of money .

Just to stay for one night for FREE. Naija and FREE things.

What i see here is.. “Gun point On Head Marketing Here 00000.’

“All Drinks Are Served Cold… If They Are Not Cold, You Can Have It For Free!”


That’s a very bold and outrageous offer but if you want to cause a tsunami of sales for your business, you have to be bold,and do what others are not doing. If you are too ashamed to do things this way, you will only join the ranks of others making none or average sales from their businesses.

Let’s take a look at that claim again. “All Drinks Are Served Cold… If They Are Not Cold, You Can Have It For Free!”

           We live in a country with a hot climate and anyone visiting a bar wants a cold drink. Just ensure all your drinks are cold EVERY time and you won’t have cause to free over your satisfaction guarantee. You will win more customers over and make more money. Your customers will love you and everyone will be happy.


You can hand pick up to ten customers and ask them to bring in ten new customers each for a financial reward. Make sure the reward is handsome and make a clause that they will not be able to activate the reward until they bring in ALL the customers.

Using the restaurant example, you can offer ten thousand naira for every 50 customers referred. This might look like a lot of money to a struggling business but let me ask you: how many advertising medium will cost you less than N10,000 and bring in guaranteed 50 active new customers?

Remember,you will only be paying AFTER they have delivered the new customers / clients. This is better than any form of advert where you’re going to hope your adverts will bring in people through the door & at the end it fails you.

4). Building Partnership or Affiliate Program in your Business

To me I prefer to earn 1% out of 1000 peoples effort than earning 1000%of my personal, building Affiliate partners  around my online business & giving them the privilege to go out there and voice out about my product and service, getting the targeted clients/customers needed while we pay them partnership commission …. This technique has really tripled the monthly income of my Company…

Example Of such is what we have On The:

See PROOF Here at =>  ;The partnership offer is still rolling till today. YOU too can Join us.

Nigeria Web Solution – Website Design Business Partnership Enrollment ….. “

If you can adopt that to your Business Too, I have no doubt it will serve you better. To earn even if is “1% out of 1000 peoples effort than earning 1000% of your own effort” is always the best.

  1. 5] Satisfaction Guarantee

In marketing, there is something called cognitive dissonance. This is a situation whereby after buying a particular product or service, you begin to feel you have made a bad decision. You don’t want to tell others what you have done. You don’t want to tell them how much you spent on that product because you believe they will laugh at you.

A friend once told me that on his way back from work, he decided to surprise his wife by buying meat from the market. After paying for it, he was uncomfortable with the price. He paid N3,000 for it but when he got home, he told his wife he bought it at N2,000. His wife thanked him and said, “Honey, next time, please don’t pay more than N1,500”.

No one likes to feel he has overpaid for something. Your job as a business owner is to put the minds of your customers at rest by offering a satisfaction guarantee. You can do this in many ways. You can offer a money back guarantee if your customers are not happy with your product or service.

For example, all my products and seminars come with a money back guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with them for any reason whatsoever, you can return them within three months for a “no questions asked” refund. Sometimes, I go as far as telling them to keep the products as a form of compensation for wasting their time.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that people are going to take you for a ride and just ask for their money back after “enjoying” your product. Yes, some people will take you for a ride. There is no question about that. The truth of the matter is that the money you will make because of your guarantee will be more than what will make up for the losses you will incur because of the charlatans that will take undue advantage of your offer.

I agree that you can’t offer a money back guarantee for all kinds of products. For instance, you can’t offer a money back guarantee if you sell cars. You will go out of business within a week. If you are in this type of situation, you can offer a satisfaction guarantee or you will compensate them in other ways.

Let’s assume you run a bar.

How can you apply a satisfaction guarantee?

You can make a bold claim that says

“All Drinks Are Served Cold… If They Are Not Cold, You Can Have It For Free!”

That’s a very bold and outrageous offer but if you want to cause a tsunami of sales for your business, you have to be bold,and do what others are not doing. If you are too ashamed to do things this way, you will only join the ranks of others making none or average sales from their businesses.

Let’s take a look at that claim again. “All Drinks Are Served Cold… If They Are Not Cold, You Can Have It For Free!” We live in a country with a hot climate and anyone visiting a bar wants a cold drink. Just ensure all your drinks are cold EVERY time and you won’t have cause to free over your satisfaction guarantee. You will win more customers over and make more money. Your customers will love you and everyone will be happy.

6). Using The Bonus Pile On

It made you think about how much value you were getting for such a little price.

That’s the power of the “bonus pile on”.

So what’s the best way to start using this in your business? Well, one of the best ways I know is using paper and ink. You can give away a series of valuable reports with any purchase. What’s more, you could even make this information available as a download from your website so you’d have zero distribution cost.

Or you could make deals with other businesses where they’d let you give away a product or service from them to your customers. If you really use your imagination here you’ll come up with lots of ways to create a “bonus pile on”.

7). Make Prospects Take Action Now!

There’s no doubt about it – deep down, every one of us is a lazy procrastinator. That’s why you need some kind of deadline or scarcity factor to make prospects take action now. If your prospects believe an offer is going to be around forever, there’s no reason to take action.

That’s the reason deadlines work so well. In one of my businesses, I’ll stamp a red deadline on the order form for the last day maybe prospects get such offer at N10, 000 + free bonuses. And believe me; it’s not unusual to get people ordering right on the very last day of the deadline just because of this stamp.

8.)   100% No-Risk Guarantee

Finally, the last component of a powerful offer is to make your deal as risk-free as possible. Nobody wants to make a mistake and be stuck with something that doesn’t deliver as promised. That’s why you should make every effort to lift the risk from the prospect and place it squarely on your shoulders.

Make a bold guarantee and make it for as long as possible. If you have a quality products & services, you shouldn’t worry because most often return rates will drop the longer you extend guarantees for.

Another strategy to try is offering a 30-days “hold-your-check or charge slip” trial. That means people will send you checks postdated 30 days out or you won’t charge their credit cards for 30 days. Joe Karbo used this to sell tens of thousands of copies of his book “The Lazy Man’s Ways to Riches”.

So that’s it. Eight (8) Major Gun Point On Head sales techniques guaranteed to make you gobs and gobs of cash. The only way these techniques will not work for you is if you do not use them.

But I’m confident you will use them.

Now you have all the keys to creating your own irresistible offer and watching your sales soar. Just keep adding value and more bonuses until you come up with an offer than makes your prospect feel guilty for not ordering.

I Will Drop My Pen Here For Today…

Rejoice Chikamnaele – Sir J
( AKA The Passive Income Coach)

===>- Hi beloved, i Appreciate your TIME, ATTENTION and TRUST, it could be impossible for me to do this without you.

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Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J
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September 12, 2016

Gun to the Head Marketing Technique: On How To Sell More Of Your Products And Services In The Next 20 Days Than You Did In The Last 200 Days!

As you can see, i published this article here on my Blog since 2016 : Close to 5 Years now. So. Sir.Rejoice is not the kind […]