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Dear Beloved,

How are you today! Welcome back to our live training on how to make real passive income here in Nigeria using the platform called the “INTERNET”

And on our previous part 3 training I ended up by simple advising you to kindly   “Start your Internet marketing “career” Today:

With any of the following businesses below here. [ By: selling its products & services ] or choose at least [ 2 OR 3]  as to increase your income revenue , & such enough multiple passive income.

Are You Ready ?

They Are As Follows:

{1} Digital | Mobile Marketing Business |


{3}  Crypto-currency Trading Business 

{4} Information Marketing Business 

[ 5]  Online Blogging Business 

{6 } Website Design | Web Development Consultant Business |

{7 }  Online Importation Business 

{8 } Amazon Kindle Book Publishing Business 

I Said So.

To some people, this has raised even more questions.

Why Mobile Marketing Business?

Why Tele-Communication Partnership Business

Why Crypto-currency Trading Business

Why information marketing business?

Why Web Consultant Business?

What are information products & Services to sell ?

How will I create them?

Can it make me good money?

How will I sell them?

Calm down. I’m a very nice, an unselfish entrepreneur, caring and generous person. That might be the reason God created and gave me the name “Rejoice”: that where-ever I step people keep Rejoicing for good.. So I will answer all the questions raised. I’ve been doing that for years and I’m not about to stop. But will soon retire, So here are the answers.

Why The Above Selected Online Business?

Now listen to me, Do not be deceived, . T hoes business listed above  are the only 8 Powerful Hot Paying  Online business that will not only let you earn the real passive income from them but will let you have total control of as an online Business person, Don’t forget in business “Control Is The Key”

Yes! Is the only business on the internet that will take you small to start off & generate N800, 000 –N5Million and above  monthly passive income ? If you fellow up my strategies the way others have consume it, then this is a Guarantee Legitimate business that will keep making you the Real Cash , even while you are sleeping.

What are information products?

Information products are materials that teach others how to do something. Let’s assume you know how to make women have earth shattering orgasms …lol, you can write it down step and step to sell. That is an information product. It could be in a form of printed manual, downlodable eBook, video, audio etc. Its up to you. I once wrote an information product in [ 2012 ] on how to register your business name with the corporate affairs commission without a lawyer and in less than 21 days. It sold quite well, it generated me almost 3Million NAIRA then. I also remember when I created and launched my Internet Secret Wealth Revelation Tools As My Birthday Gift To My Subscribers & The Internet Income TRUTH Done For You Business Offer. in 2014. it also generate millions of Naira for me, because a copy was sold N10,000 & Almost 800 among thousands of my subscribers grab it up immediately [ N10,000 X 800 = 8,000,000 ] Cool. 8Million NAIRA in less than two weeks.

Why should I sell These products & Services?

Because you can start today and set up your business by noon tomorrow. If you say you want to set up a “grand” Internet business like paypal, google etc, and then you will have to wait for weeks or months before you can start because it will requite a lot of programming and time to get it right. Rather than wait for such a long time that can get you bored and discouraged, why don’t you start with something less tasking? Start making money right away. From there, you’ll get more experienced and more determined to go for bigger projects.

How will I create them?

Easy.  Just pick up a pen and Paper and write down what you know. If you’re very dull and you don’t know what to write, interview an expert and record it. Better still; organize a small  free seminar. Get an expert to speak. Record it. Your videos become your information product. Think of a topic people will WANT to learn. Not necessarily what they NEED to learn. Onward. OR  SIMPLY GET STARTED TODAY BY CLICKING HERE: HURRY NOW WHILE IS STILL HOT: EVERY THING HAVE BEEN SET FOR YOU: THIS IS CRAZY OFFER INDEED, CHECK IT OUT HERE:

Can it make me good money?

Absolutely. I want you to think about this. If you have information or Advertising product or service priced at N10, 000 and you sell just 50 copies, you have just made (N500, 000). I don’t know how much you earn currently but I know that making an extra 500K per month… Is Not Bad At All I’ve made money over and over with these Businesses and I will continue to do so as long as I live. It’s a mega industry and you can cut your own slice starting right away by clicking HERE:

How will I sell them?

Simple. After creating the product, do the following. Create a website for it , Write a sales copy Get traffic Build a list Follow up on your list. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I know this is where most people will start dozing off. Doing business online is beginning to look like hard work. Yes, it is hard work. It’s not for lazy layabout losers. Because a lot of people don’t want to work, they drop out at this stage and start looking for some nonsense like HYIP, Online Surveys, Data Entry etc. If that is what you are looking for, please… Leave My Training Forum Right Away. BYE! BYE! AND NEVER COME BACK BUT If you’re ready to work, follow me like twitter.

Whatever. Let’s go over the points I raised.

Create a website for it

Start by registering a domain name for your website. If your information product is about how to get a job in Afghanistan, register a name like or something similar. Go to NigeriaWebSolution for your domain Registration & Hosting . It costs less than N3, 000 a year. Then get a web host. Web hosting is the service that will help you put your website online in cyberspace. Try NigerianWebSolution: Give your website a professional Design, for you perfect deal on this contact NigeriaWebSolution  at: I’ll stop here for today!!!

P.S If you want to transform your finances to really make money REAL money on the internet, and then get these “Mobile Marketing Business. Already Done For You Business Setup Here   

The same business Niche which the most Successful, Respected And Powerful Advanced Giants Internet Business Entrepreneurs Expertise Men and Ladies Starts With – And- When you lay your hand on the nothing stops you from being on top: Expect you are the one that fears success.



If you don’t do something and start some-where right now , then from there you can grow & expand to other business niche , then we have to come to the conclusion that you are not interested in doing business online or you are indeed…Fear Success:

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Let’s Rejoice Ahead.


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