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Dear Friend,

I don’t like writing. How is this news? Well, I don’t know if its news to you but it is news to me. I was surprised when I recently found out that I hate writing. I used to think I liked to write, but I recently discovered that I don’t. I’m the same person and I didn’t even know. Now before you think I’m smoking some gansta shyte because what I wrote above looks like nonsense, please permit me to explain.

You see, years back I used to do a lot of writing. I wrote articles for newspapers, blogs, forums and article directories, fan and group pages, I also wrote a lot of ebooks on different topics. I wrote on wealth, health, success, direct marketing, website traffic, business registration, Sex etc Heck…

Chai, if  you ask me to write 3 pages, see me see 5 pages. 2 Extra.

I Even Wrote on How To Make Woman Demand For More:, because you know what. am such a romantic type. 

Funny! But as my business started to grow and the fungalos began to roll in, I began to lose interest in writing. Or let me put it this way, I began to discover that my enthusiasm to write years earlier was borne out of my desire to make money… Then I started turning my pen and paper into life Business Empire.

And Not Because I Liked Writing. Come to think of it, does anyone actually like writing? Those that I know that write a lot do it because that is where they make their money.

Some write novels, some write non fiction books, some are newspaper editors and so on. It is very hard to see those that write diligently just for fun.

Rather than writing, there are more interesting and enjoyable things one can do. – Reading what someone else has written (like you are doing now) – Eating – Watching a movie – Flying to exotic places around the world – Hanging with friends – Drinking Champagne Etc Etc Etc Aright. Better late than never so let’s continue from where we stopped.

The next thing you need to do is to do: If you are Going into: “Information Marketing Business” After creating your information products.

  Is to : “Write a sales copy.”

A sales copy (you can call it a sales letter, a sales pitch or whatever) according to Rejoice Chikamnele  is a document whose contents are put together for one single reason…  

“To Take Action”

That action can be to pay for the product or service, or to sign up for free information via email, or to pick up your phone and reserve a seat for a seminar or whatever you require

Let me show you an examples.

Click Here For Example 2

Click Here For Example 3

Click Here For Example 4

Click Here For Example 5

Click Here For Example 6

And you will see a good well written sales copies .Those sales copies has only one aim. That aim is To Take Action

Another Example Is Found Here: That’s a short simple letter that aim is to get you to sign up for a free report via your email.

 If you master it, you can literately (did I spell that right? Whatever!) Make money out of thin air. You can use it to Sell Almost Anything To Anybody on the Internet. As Long As Is Legitimate, Truth & A Real Products & Services to offer…. ( As to keep your good name & reputation, which I personal believe is greater than any riches someone can offer me. Well, I don’t know about you…. But the early you listen to me, the better for you.

Let me give you a quick tip about sales letter writing. The headline is the most important aspect. You need to get people to read what your website is about within 5 seconds. These days, people don’t have time to waste on one website.

There is facebook, youtube, twitter,iNSTAGRAM, Gram gram gram. hahahaha.. and the rest taking the attention of people away. so you have to hook them right away. That is the job of the headline. You need to put that together for your own information product. If you can’t, you can hire a top copywriter to do it for you. May be I might be the right person to help you out and offer you the best on that, if only i will have the chance:

Well just contact me let’s talk.

NEXT You need to get “Targeted Traffic Made For Your Products & Services to your website”.

Always remember i did not said Traffic but I said “TARGETED TRAFFIC” That is you need to attract people who are hungry in want of your products & services to come to your website.

If people do not come to your website, your business is dead. If people do not come to your website, no one will read your sales letter and… No One Will Buy Your Products or Services.

Its 100% sure that generating TRAFFIC is the primary aim of every website & business owners both online & offline. But let me advice you today that you should be careful on how you go about getting This TRAFFIC down to your Website or Business. “Targeted TRAFFIC Rocks the fast result oriented” So, ensure you seek for it always. Reasons is because,

“Targeted TRAFFIC Provides Better Chances for Conversion” Now listen, perhaps the single best & most important reason why your marketing campaign needs targeted traffic is “Conversion” = To generate sales = that’s the Ultimate goal for any business website / Blog and corresponding Digital marketing effort to drive traffic.

As mention earlier, even if you have tons of website traffic going through your Virtual doors on a daily basis but none of them ever converts into Sales or leads, then consider your efforts, investment & business as a dead one…… period. Targeted traffic offers bigger chance  for conversion, as majority of online visitors are seeking information that your website may supply, and have a greater chance of purchasing your products or services that will cater to whatever need they May have.

Even if you only have a trickle of website traffic visiting your Website or blog, but if none of these site visitors covert to leads or sales, then that would be a total waste of your money, effort & time. IN SHORT CHECK OUT THIS: (The Higher Your Targeted Traffic Goes = The Higher Your Conversion Rates Moves = & the Higher Sales You Make)

In summary, the most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is to Generate the right kind of “TRAFFIC” to your Business both “Online & Offline” Landing page, Website, Blog, Referral Links, Affiliate Links etc…. That has the higher than average chance of being converted into targeted lead or even sales. Even if you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of website visitors, but if your Conversion rate is not enough to profit or break even from the amount of investments You poured into your digital marketing campaign, and then your chance for Survival in the online arena is next to nil. Firstly, you need to understand that online businesses operate With similar business principles as offline in most cases.

Let’s consider a case study You have a shop @ ‘computer village’ in Ikeja (Lagos state) Where you sell the computers and its accessories. No matter the quality of the products you sell, there won’t be any Sales IF potential clients don’t walk into your shop… That’s traffic! And the same thing applies online. A professionally designed website or blog promoting great products/services WITHOUT Visitors will yield no PROFIT.

So TRAFFIC is a very sensitive aspect of your business both online & offline. It’s what you must achieve before focusing on conversion etc. As you listen to me now, you should focus on applying only digital marketing Techniques that will generate the right kind of Targeted traffic that Your business, products or services needs to survive on & stand out of its competitors.  

Am ready to lead you through, If Only You Are Ready to Listen to Me. So you need to go out there and promote using both free and paid techniques. You need to do some basic search engine optimization so google can send traffic to you.

You need to buy google ads; you need to know how to get traffic from Blog Contents Education Marketing,  facebook, youtube, article directories, forums etc. Start learning these things. Without traffic, your website is doomed.

What’s NEXT?  Build A List…. And Follow Up on Them. This is very important. Have you been to a website where you are asked to put down your email address? Example like the one I have HERE ….I’m sure you have.

There is a reason for it. They want to follow up on you. As a smart marketer, you don’t have to go out every time to look for fresh traffic. You can always sell to your existing traffic. You can only do this if you “capture” their details. How will you do that? Simple.

Use an autoresponder. Go to  And sign up for free 30days. . There are loads of tutorials on that website. So that is it. I have put together what you need to get started online.

Once you get the basics right and you begin to make money, you can start experimenting with more complex projects.

That is what I did. I’m not better than you. If I can do it, you can do it as well. I will drop my pen here today: And Let’s Call It A Day! =================================

I Want you to start right away now, Because I want you to get IMMEDIATE RESULTS  & In Return I Will Have a Faster Testimony from YOU…. Yes! Nothing ever sweet me than getting thousands of Testimonies from my lovely Students & Clients who uses my products & services….  .

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P.S: Have I opened your eyes to how money is being made online? I hope I have. If I did not, it’s not because I have not revealed something powerful. It simply means… . You Are Beyond All Hope!

Sorry If My Word Offends You: Just That I LOVE You So Much And Never Want To See You Among The Living Beyond Hope:  You Know How Much I Love To See You Smiling:

Oya! Smile A Little For Me….. Smile! Smile! Smile! Oh that’s good. I Love That…..

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Let’s Rejoice Ahead.

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