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Welcome back today. In the previous lesson I revealed “What to do to hit our income goal EVERY month using your List Building Goal”.

So in today’s lesson, you’d discover “Powerful Tips on List Building for your Online Business Income”.

Remember, in Part 8 I said when I was a newbie to the TELE-Communication Dealer Business | Information Marketing & Other Online Businesses I operate  (I was once a newbie too;) ), something my mentors always said to me over and over again was that “The Money Is In The LIST. THAT is just ONE part of the Truth.

The second truth IS that   The Money Is In the Relationship You Have With Your LIST”

A List IS a collection of the personal details such as the name, email and phone number of the people who are interested in your target market for your online business.

In order to build a list, you need some tools. Without these tools you would find it hard to make a consistent income online. Fortunately most of these tools are cheap, easy and very easy to obtain and sometimes even free.

To build a list is a simple process. You don’t need any special skills to do it, neither do you require a fortune or certificate; best of all it can be automated using what is known as Email & SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Blasting . So whenever you see the word E-mail marketing OR SMS Marketing, know that it’s the same thing as building a list and having a relationship with your list.

11 Tools you need to build a list of 1,000 desperate Ready-to-Buy Subscribers in as little as 30-60 days For Your Online Business….

  1. A domain name

  2. A hosting account

  3. Your main Company Online Business website

  4. A simple squeeze or landing webpage

  5. A Sales-letter webpage

  6. Your free information product,

  1. Bulk SMS Account ( very useful)

  2. An autoresponder account  ( very useful)

  3. Your Hot Product or service you would be selling

  4. Aggressive advertising cash

  5. Aggressive Marketing skills

Now, Let’s Go On and Work On Each OF These Tools…

1) A domain name

A domain name is simply like your business or company name but this time, it is on the internet. It is a name used to locate you or your website, products and services online.

When choosing a domain name for your online business, choose one that is short, easy to spell, easy to remember and one that when someone hears about it, they would immediately know what to expect if they visit it.

Here are some examples of my domain names for my company:  – This is the website you are right now. Its my personal blog and Voice out website .

PassiveIncomeJob.Com : Is a platform focus on helping Netpreneurs and everyone to achieve their goal of ‘earning a living online’. We offer tips that can enable you start and grow a profitable online business. We also do product reviews to enable our audience get the best and most result oriented products and services out there…  – My Mentorship Coaching Website for Beginners. – My TELE-COMMUNICATION Dealer Business Platform

www.RechargeMobileStore.comMy Online Tele-com Dealer STORE & Bitcoin [ Buy & Sell } STORE. – My Blog Website – My Website Hosting | Website Design and Online Advertisement Company In Nigeria – My International Website Design Business Company Portfolio   – – My Mobile Marketing Business Website and SMS Advertising Platform In Nigeria.  – My Gsm Shortcode Business Company Website – My Online Importation Business Setup Website

And Many More Host Of Others…. Owns BY ME & MY Company Staffs .

If you noticed, each domain name i have above, has what i & my staffs do on that website embedded in the name, so choose a domain name that reflects what you do. You can get a .com domain name for a N3, 000 yearly fee at NigeriaWebSoution.Net

2) A hosting account

In order to have a website OR ONLINE store to sell your online business product & services on the internet, you need a domain name and a hosting account. A hosting account is like you buying a land before building a house on it, so a web hosting account provides you with the facilities to have your website and domain name online, before you proceed to start designing the website. As a beginner in the online-business, you can start with a minimum of 500MB hosting account and at least 5000MB bandwidth. You can then have a larger hosting account like me where we use 5GB+ each of my websites.

You can get a 500MB -to-  1 or even 2GB  hosting account  at  at N4, 000 yearly fee.

3)   Your main Company Online Business website.

Reach me today to setup one for you, in any Niche choice of your online business chosen market

They Are As Follows:


[b] Digital | Mobile Marketing Business 

{c}  Crypto-currency Trading Business 

{d} Information Marketing Business 

[ e]  Online Blogging Business 

{f } Website Design | Web Development Consultant Business |

{g }  Online Importation Business 

{h } Amazon Kindle Book Publishing Business 

A squeeze or Landing pageis a small mini website for your autoresponder subscribers E-mail LIST Builder  which can automatically collect the names and emails of prospects who are interested in your FREE report | Training | Seminar | Coaching Program etc….who will later buy your paid product & services.

So whenever someone fill in the form on this special website of yours, that person’s name and email will automatically be added to your list building software called an autoresponder.

With this special way, you can automatically send one email to everyone on your list at the click of a button.

A squeeze or landing page is simply a webpage that is created solely for the purpose of collecting potential customers’ emails, names and even GSM numbers. An example of this is Found HERE

5) A salesletter webpage

A salesletter is a personal letter from you on your website showing and convincing your potential customer how you can solve their problems by obtaining a copy of your product or services…..

Only after collecting the names and emails of your potential customer should he/she see your sales letter page …

6) Your FREE information product| Offer | Training | Seminar etc…

Like I earlier told you, the only way a human being will give you his details (name, email and even his GSM number) is , if you are giving him something valuable at zero cost to him or her . I mean you are giving him something for FREE in exchange for their details.

So you must write a short valuable report with a powerful title. This FREE report is what you would aggressively market. This is how it works — > you would use any of the 3 powerful advertising methods to advertise your FREE report, so that anyone who wants it would send you his details.

You would then direct him to your squeeze or landing page  website, where he will fill his details to be grabbed by your autoresponder (list building software).

After filling in his or her details, he would then download your FREE report or Join your free Training..  Program, which carries the valuable information you promised him AND your salesletter selling your paid info-product.

A Word Of Warning Here:   : Your FREE information must be relevant to your paid product or service . Not that you are selling weight loss information product but you advertised a make money FREE report. Hope you understand?

Let’s move on to the other tool you need to drive desperate buyers to your website:

7) A Fastest Delivery Bulk SMS Account at: FirstClassBulkSMS ( very useful)

I Really Don’t Miss SMS Marketing ! Over And Over Again It Have Really Generate Crazy Cash For My companies….

A bulk SMS account is an account that lets you send bulk SMS messages to over 5,000 people’s GSM numbers at once. It is cheap, that’s not all you can also use it for your marketing purposes.

For example to remind people of the deadline to buy your info-products and services, to direct people to your online store or website pass useful information to your list members etc.

There are several bulk SMS services in Nigeria but most of them only send to GSM networks (Airtel, MTN, GLO, Etisalat) but NOT to CDMA networks like Visaphone, Starcomms etc.

So you must be careful while choosing one, price is not the only factor to consider. Imagine if 1000 people subscribed to your list and out of those 1,000 people, 200 of them sent you their CDMA numbers, it means when you send them Bulk SMS messages, your message will not be delivered to them but the Bulk SMS service would tell you that it was delivered.

Personally, the service I use for my own businesses which sends Bulk SMS to both GSM and CDMA networks is First Class Bulk SMS

 I’ve used it for years now and it  have never failed me.

8) An autoresponder

An autoresponder is software that enables you to build a list of potential customer names, emails and recently phone numbers on automatic, using a special squeeze or landing page website

It also enables you to send emails to your prospects automatically even when you are not on your computer or online.  This doesn’t mean that it writes the emails for you. It just sends the emails you have pre-written to be sent at the time you want it sent.

Usually, the only way people will gladly give you their details is if you offer them something free in exchange for it. This could be a free report, free consultation etc.

The more people you have on your list who is interested in your products or services, the more sales you will make & the more passive income you will keep generating….

A man who has 5,000 people on his list will sell more than someone who has 500 people on his list even if they are selling the same info-product or service.

Let’s Compare Something Together, Remember Our Conventional Rate Formula in our previous lesson?

A 10% conversion rate of buyers from a 5,000 list is 500 people buying an info-product at N2, 500. That would mean that the man with 5,000 people on his list will make N2,500 X 500 people = N1,250,000, over a Million Naira.

But the man with only 500 people on his list, a 10% conversion rate would mean he would only make a small amount of N125, 000.

Let’s See Why The Money Is In The List?

Your autoresponder makes the process of building a list automated for you.

9) Your Hot Paying Online Business Products OR Services you would be selling

10) Aggressive advertising cash

In order to use the different marketing methods you need cash. For a start, you can set aside at least N10, 000 for any one of the marketing methods you want to use. What I mean is irrespective of the marketing methods you want to use, each one would cost you at least N10, 000.

I suggest that you use a different marketing method each month, so that you can test which method brings the most list method and continue using it.

Word Of Warning : : Don’t rely on only one method of marketing for your Online marketing business. Personally, I’m always learning. Last year, towards the end of the year I learnt a new marketing method I’ve never used and the results where a.w.e.some….it was Instagram marketing…GOSH! the result was Holy bread…lol….

I Was  glad,  I discovered it. Most times I place an advert with just $50 which is about N20,000 to make #1,700,000. [ One Million, Seven Hundred Thousand naira] in less than 6 days… Promoting and Selling My Company Product on eMail Marketing…. SEE THE PRODUCT ==> click ==> HERE

But as a beginner, you can start up with a free advert, i will lead you on how to do that effectively , then as the money roll in , you can then shift to paid advert … and keep using the part of the money increase the rate of your advert and the volume of the income.


You make N50,000 { you minus N10,000 to place advert }

in return it gives you back { N90,000 } you minus N20,000

for advert and in return you make ( N150,000 )


Note this { Here is the powerful truth, not every month that your advert will come to play so good to return back a good volume of cash. but in all the same, you don’t need to worry } The Income must keep flowing.

Now let’s go into this thing big time now. So the 3 powerful systems for driving desperate buyers to your website! Without people visiting your website, you’ll have no subscribers or sales!

That’s all for today.

In our next lesson (Part 10 ), you will discover the various autoresponder services available for you to use, how to create your free ebook and squeeze OR Landing page to build a list of 1,000 desperate ready-to-buy subscribers in as little as 30-60 days for your online business.

I will drop my pen here today: And Let’s Call It A Day!

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This, coupled with the fact that communication over the phone and accessing the internet is now an everyday need, explain why this is a very Hot business for you right now. if you are looking to start your own Hot Lucrative Business In Nigeria, then you should consider starting a (TELE-COM Dealer Business. through Owning Your OWN: TELE-COM Dealer Business Online STORES .

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